with NICKY

girl punk week yes

Friday, March 13, 2015
01:00 to 03:00
big blasting
other shows

Screaming FemalesEmpty HeadRose MountainDon Giovanni*
GirlpoolIdeal WorldBefore The World Was BigWichitayes.*
Chastity BeltDRONETime to Go HomeHardly Art"just another man..."*
AlvvaysArchie, Marry Mes/tPolyvinylyumR
Hop AlongWaitresspainted shutsaddle creek*
LemuriaPainted YouthThe Distance is So Big:)
WAXAHATCHEEbe goodadsf
liz phairnever saidexile in guyville
breederscannonballlast splash
coathangersdrivesuck my shirt
sleater kinneynot what you wantdig me out
white lungtake the mirrorsorryyaypunx
wedding presentcrushedbizarroyup
scottish pipesyou know you lovescotlandi love scotland
DRIVE LIKE JEHUgolden brownyank crime
metzacetatemetz iisup popnoisy & new*
microwave deathglory hole high schooldemo iiself released*
mahavishnu orchestradance of the mayathe inner mounting flameCBS (wow)1971 wow this is insanely coolR
ty segall bandfeellive in san franciscocastle face
mitskifrancis foreverBury Me At Makeout Creek2x 2x whammynice :)*
mommy long legssorority girlslife ripsself releasedits true you know*
tiny moving partsold maidold maid / coffee split
not afraid to diehot sugargods handthis was really cool! thanks for the request!R
ex cultclinical studycastle face*
the faithAWAREfaith/void split lpDISCHORDawesome inventive propulsive harcore
parquet courtspretty machinescontent nauseaWHAT'S YOUR RUPTURE? thx chester*
single mothersmarblesnegative qualitieshxc recordingshaha academics ha ha*
husker duchartered tripszen arcadeSSTplay this at my funeral

Title FightYour Pain Is Mine Nowhyperviewanti*