Of Cabbages and Kings

with Zenala

Wednesday, March 11, 2015
15:00 to 17:00

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Artist Song Album New
Thao and the Get Down Stay Down Bag of Hammers We brave bee stings and all
Thee Satisfaction sweat Awe Naturale
Ibeyi River Ibeyi *
Danay Suarez Lagrimas de Soledad Polvo de la humedad
Max Capote Ana Aperitivo de Moda
The Special Pillow To no Avail Infinite Regression *
lady lamb the beekeeper Vena Cava after *
Dory Previn Lover lover be my cover Dory Previn
Old Smile carried away Over this wall
Mike Pace and the Child Actors Up the academy Best Boy *
Jose Gonzales Stories we build, stories we tell Vestiges and Claws *
Sandra Kolstad Ice Age Zero Gravity State of Mind *
REgina Spektor oh marcello what we saw from the cheap seats
Dark dark dark last time i saw joe who needs who
hurray for the riff raff too much of a good thing young blood blues
Myriam Gendron Solace Not So Deep as a Well *
David Darling and the Wulu Bunun Malkakiv Malvanis Mudamin Kata
Sola and Wu Man Love China Collage
Abigail Washburn City of Refuge City of refuge
Khac Chi Ensemble Northwest Folk Song Moonlight in Vietnam
Than Quy Ngoi Sitting by the Peach Mullioned River The Rough Guide to the music of vietnam
Gia Dinh Vu Khuc Tay Nguyen Que Hu'o'ng Homeland
The Tahitian Choir Ei reka e Rapa Iti
Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs Flint Hill Special At Carnegie Hall!
Lilly Bros and Don Stover In my dear old southern home Bluegrass at the roots
Ma Perkins Ma Perkin's Last Broadcast Jack Benny Presents Great Moment in Radio
Red Allen I'm just here to get my baby out of jail The Folkway Ywars: 1964-1983
Roscoe Holcomb Roll on Buddy The High and Lonesome Sound
Emerson's Old Timey Custard-Suckin' Band Payday at Coal Creek S/t
Charlie Poole The Man that wrote home sweet home never was a married man You ain't talkin to Me
The New Orleans Swingers featuring Mr. Strum Shine on Harvest Moon The roaring sound of percussive banjos
the osborne brothers Georgia Mules and Country Boys I can hear kentucky callling me