with Elizabeth

Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
Xray Spex Artificial Germfree Adolescents Caroline Records
Diamanda Galas Skotoseme This Sporting Life with John Paul Jones
Teenage Jesus & the Jerks (Lydia Lunch) Orphans Everything Atavistic Records
Marianne Faithful Pirate Jenny 20th Century Blues from Threepenny Opera- Brecht/Weill
Nina Hagen Cosma Shiva Nina Hagen Essentials
Gal Costa Meu Nome E Gal Meu Nome E Gal
Stereo Total Get Down Tonight Total Pop Analog Baroque Momus-selected S.T. favorites
Girls At Our Best Fashion Pleasure Vinyl Japan
The Stickmen Jampire Insatiable Cuneiform Records no wave from Philly
Yaz Goodbye Seventies Best of Yaz Reprise/Mute
Stereo Total Push It Total Pop Analog Baroque Salt N Pepa cover
Welle:Erdball Nut Mit Mir Allein Der Sinn des Lebens
The Rondelles Like a Prayer Shined Nickels & Loose Change
Stereolab Laissez Faire ABC Music
Delta 5 Final Score Delta 5: Collected
Erase Errata Marathon Other Animals
Ya Ya Choral Jolly Works What's a Quaver? [EP] donated by Phil early 80s Aussie post-punk
Siouxsie & the Banshees Red Light Kaleidoscope
The Creatures Around the World Hai Instinct Siouxsie Sioux & drummer husband Budgie; Hai = yes in Japanese *
Books On Tape Laptop Blues Sings the Blues Greyday todd matthew drootin; good dj spooky-like stuff *
Books On Tape Republic Of Sings the Blues Greyday *
Stereo Total Furore Monokini KRS Francoise Cactus (French vocalist, guitar, drums) & Brezel Goring (German Vocals, Guitars, Drums) *
The Lonesome Organist Only If I Get You Forms & Follies Thrill Jockey
Bjork Godmundsdottir & Trio Gudmundar Ingolfssonar Ruby Baby Gling-Glo One Little Indian Icelandic vocals w/ 2 English tracks; 1990 jazz-influenced release *
Clinic Dj Shangri La Internal Wrangler Domino
Bush Tetras Can't Be Funky New York Noise Soul Jazz R
Theoretical Girls Lovin In the Red Self-Titled Acute Records 1978-1981
Kamala & the Karnivores Love Like Murder Lookout Punk 7"s C
The Raincoats Lola The Raincoats Kinks cover
Diamanda Galas My World Is Empty Without You La Serpenta Canta Mute *
Aberdeen Miss You Now You're Gone The Boy Has Gone Away [ep} Phonorecording *
The Gay Robert Smith You Know the Rules Mint Records *
The Mountain Goats The Young Thousands We Shall All Be Healed The Beggars Group released this week *
Joe Bravo Sissy Strut Texas Funk: Hard Texas Funk 1968-1975 Jazzman