Modernity Leave

with Young Werther

Wednesday, February 4, 2015
11:00 to 13:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
Giorgio Murderer Primitive World 7'' Goner
Jo Allen and the Shapes Lowlife Cryin' Over You / Lowlife 415 Records
Non Compos Mentis No Can Do (Demo) Demo (no label)
Worn Leather Words Tape II (no label) free dl!
The Tempters Kamisama Onegai 7'' Philips
Expert Alterations Three Signs s/t cassette (no label)
Priests Right Wing Bodies + Control + Money + Power Don Giovanni *
The Monsieurs Wolves s/t Slovenly *
Alligator Bloody Mouth Alligator 7'' (no label)
Waldemar Schwartz La Taza De Orzo 12'' Golf Channel *
T. Dyson It's All Over Personal Space Chocolate Industries
Spike Fooling Around Orange Cloud Nine Golf Channel
Persuaders Thin Line Between Love and Hate Thin Line Between Love and Hate Win or Lose
Charms Givin' It Up 7'' Biram
Z.Z. Hill That Ain't The Way You Make Love Keep On Lovin' You United
Masami Tsuchiya KAFKA Rice Music Epic
НИИ Косметики Оборотень Лис История болезни SoLyd
Replacements Can't Hardly Wait (Alternate Version) Pleased To Meet Me Rhino
Sly and The Family Stone Heard Ya Missed Me, Well I'm Back Heard Ya Missed Me, Well I'm Back Epic R
Silhouettes I Want To Be With You Workin' Hard CRS
The Last Days His Love Is Real I'll Praise Him (no label) xian folk, 1972 texas
Space Lady Ghost Riders In The Sky Space Lady's Greatest Hits Night School
Ju'Hoansi Bushmen Les Femmes Bushmen Ju'hoansi Ocora
Nirvana All Of Us All Of Us Bell 1968 Psych Folk, Not Kurt!
Blue Eyed Soul Ain't No Weight Blue Eyed Soul (private press)
Emitt Rhodes Live Till You Die s/t Dunhill