with Tim

more blagga

Saturday, January 3, 2015
18:00 to 20:00
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goattalk to godcommunesub pop*
panda bear/mr noah daqmino *
deerhoofparadise girlsla isla bonitapolyvinyl*
the budos bandinto the fogburnt offeringdaptone*
tomorrow tulipsfave episodewhen burger*
clear plastic masksoutcastbeing thereserpent snakes*
the blind shakegarbage on gluekey to a false doorcastle face*
amor de diasfoxes songstreet of love daysmerge
crooks on tapetitos riserfingerprint misera
m83*before the dawn heals usmute
relaynew domestic landscape still point turningbubble core
polyphemusthe sea map the great village trip ep placebo
flying saucer attackwish flying saucer attack/
catherine wheel i want to touch you fermentfontana
slowdiveshineholding our breath creation
santanasampa pa ti abraxascolumbiaR
santanahope your feeling betterabraxascolumbia
donnasgimmie my radioamerican teenage rock and roll machine lookout records
dismemberment planspider in the snowemergency and i des oto
explosions in he sky trembling handstake care take care temporary residence
the band it makes no differencenorhteern light southerncross /
dum dum girls cult of lovetoo truesub pop
electric prunes i hAPPEN TO LOVE youlost dreamsbirdman
electric turn to me first crimeselectric turn to me no quater
kim fowley motorboatliving in the streetssonet
plasmaticstight black pantsnew hope for the wretchedstiff recordsR
wall of voodoomexican radio wall of voodoo .R
big brother and the holding company i need a man to love cheap thirlls columbia
rip-leys believe it or not believe it or notbelieve it or not mark records