Of Cabbages and Kings

with Zenala

Thursday, December 11, 2014
15:00 to 17:00

other shows

Artist Song Album New
Gul Zaman Nan mai dowrai a wolei (Today I saw her) AFfghanistan: Music from the crossroads of Asia
Veronika Dolina Christmas Post Card Thirteen Diamonds
Ermalinda Vitoria O Meu Portugal Fados From Portugal: Vol One
Field Recordings Excerpt from Qadiri zikr Bosnia: Echoes from an endagered world
Washington White The New 'Frisco Train Mississippi Moaners
Mama Yancey and Art Hodes Cabbage Patch Mama Yancey sings Art Hodes plays Blues
Homesick James Lonesome Ole Train Chicago Slickers: 1948-1953, Vol 1
Robert Henry Something's Wrong Detroit Ghetto Blues: 1948 - 1954
Se Yung San Se Yung San Traditional and Contemporary Musics from Korea
Juana Molina La Verdad Son
Tiny Ruins Carriages Brightly Painted One *
Salmon Song for Jon #2 3753 Cruithne
Banks Bedroom Wall London EP
Anais Mitchell and Justin Vernon Wait for me Hadestown
Mirah Million Miles You think it's like this but it's really like this
Pisces Children Kiss Your Mother Goodnight A Lovely Sight
O'Death Wrong Time Out of Hands we Go
Miss Murgratroid and Petra Haden Fade Away Hearts and Daggers
Les Charbonniers d'enfer Au diable les avocats Wo
Edmundo P. Zaldivar and his Orchestra Carnavalito Carnavalitos de Argentina
Doc Watson Southbound Doc Watson Family Album