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with Jannon


Tuesday, March 15, 2005
15:00 to 18:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Comp
aislers set california terrible things happen slumberland
gary burger walk down to the river split 7" with jim miller nodak guy from the monks *
dmbq mirror baby the essential sounds from the far east estrus from japan, natch *
hasil adkins miami kiss 7" norton
hrvatski equinox wanna buy a craprak carpark C
orange juice tender object you can't hide your love forever polydor stuck in my head for the past two days
a certain ratio knife in the water sextet universal sound
(uncertain performer) gendhing rangu-rangu java: court gamelan, vol. 3 nonesuch explorer series
broetzmann/nielsen/uuskyla rocket tango medicina atavistic *
yuma nora goin for it red train graphing the sunset of all deathbomb arc *
kites (shut off the lie, we'll die) (we will transform) st load mine
leaving trains light rain amplified pillows ? why do I like this band so much? *
lamps whale hunt st in the red *
jon & the nightriders anasthesea stampede norton mine
the (fabulous) wailers sac o woe at the castle etiquette
pagan faith wimpy skank 7" ? so classic on 'prb
adolescents amoeba st frontier
arthur russell being it world of echo audika *
alva march to underneath slattery for ungdom menlo park
niagara falls guided tour barrel vault honeymoon music *
cattletrap pregnate advanced calculus wrct C
sharks with wings cornish game hens st ?
steve swell and perry robinson patterns will be revealed outside iron sheds invisible cities drimala *
the four seasons don't think twice story private stock too good
bassholes haunted hill broke chamber music secret keeper *
doye o'dell diesel smoke & dangerous curves 7" longhorn
fred lane rubber room from the one that cut you shimmy disc
los saicos cementerio wild teen punk from peru 1965 electro harmonix borrowed from narin
the soft pink truth real shocks (the swell maps) do you want new wave or do you want ... tigerbeat 6 *
pablos triangle sexonice la foresta della morte toyo C
awsta viva la rock and roll st sr *
ttc j'ai pas sommeil batards sensibles big dada *
prince po social distortion the slickness leo f. mf doom *
andrew wk ready to die I get wet Island
old skull love is hell get outta school restless
chinaboise girl you got it (so go get it) the greatest story ever told gulcher whoa... *
lee hazlewood when a fool loves a fool these boots are made for walkin': complete mgm recordings ace
bettye swann my heart is closed for the season st astralwerks *
the things out of time coloured heaven voxx stones cover, mine
petra haden rael ...sings: the who sell out bar none *
neu! hallogallo st astralwerks