The Clothesline

with Wilbo

Wednesday, November 12, 2014
13:00 to 15:00
other shows

Artist Song Album Label New
Spanky and Our Gang Leopard Skin Phones Withour Rhyme or Reason Mercury
Eno,Roedelius, Moebius The Belldog After The Heat Sky
Scott johnson John Somebody Part 1 John Somebody Nonesuch
Everett Dirkson Pledge of Allegiance Gallant men Capitol
Don Cherry & Ed Blackwell Mutron El Corazon ECM
Soulive Outrage No Place Like Soul Stax
Jimi Hendrix Easy Blues Nine to The Universe reprise
Purling Hiss Another Silvermoon Weirdon Drag City *
Steve Gunn Trailways Ramble Time Off Paradise of Bachelors *
Tak Shindo Brass and Bamboo Brass and Bamboo Capitol
No Right Turn Drowsy Maggie/Ash Plant s/t Em *
S. (Jenn Ghetto) Metal Beds Puking and Crying Suicide Squeeze
TG Shepherd With Clint Eastwood Make My Day 7" WB
Alice Cooper Killer Killer WB
Detective Dommage! Basket of masks s/r
Stereolab Doubt Switched On Too Pure
Bob Keeshan Part 2 A Child's Introduction to Jazz Golden
Keshavan Maslak A Thrill a Minute Loved By Millions Leo
N/A Shoulders(Shrugs) Magic of Movement Melody House