Music Of the mind

with DJ Arico

Friday, March 11, 2005
00:00 to 02:00
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SOuls of mischif93 til=======
Tribe Called questword play=========
rakim razelit's must******8**********
atmosphereflying colors in my magic mushroom=======================(~*~)
talib kweli & mos deflions of hip-hop==========================================
trackrunnerpeople under the stairsmushroom jazz 4========================
Kool Keithwhat means something*****************==========================)
aesop rockrickety racetyfast cars, danger, fire & knivesdef jux*
zion Iboom bip========================================
mos deffree
dr seussgreen eggs and ham==================================
slick rickchildern's song========================================
Louis Armstrongst. james===============================================
Amon Tobinthe ART of Relaxeasy muffin=========================
amon tobinthe New YOrk editor==============================================
niagara fallshe works woodbarrel vaulthoneymoon music
dino felipeactipauflim todayschematic
moussa doumbiakeleyaworld psychedelic classics 3v2/luaka bop==============*
DMBQmo ya mo yathe essential sounds from the far eastestrus