Mixtape Maker / Heart Breaker

with Julia Factorial

Sunday, March 6, 2005
15:00 to 17:00

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
eddie floyd on a saturday night the complete stax singles 1959-1968 atlantic C
meat puppets lost meat puppets (II) sst
uncle tupelo train no depression rockville
patti smith gloria horses arista people say beware.
smokey robinson & the miracles mickey's monkey anthology motown i love what is generally considered "oldies radio". not even in a nostalgic or corny way. i genuinely love it. granted, the current formats it works under kinda suck. but let's chat about the music. for real, i could listen to this song over and over for the rest of my life if i had to. it's just so damn solid. you know? R
willie & the mighty magnificents the hurts on you baby play that funky beat castle / sequel C
volt i don't feel so good s/t 12" in the red rockin. *
the blow goes my girl brandishes a knife seven cuts river's edge from philly. sick garage mess madness! *
thee mighty caesars baby who mutilated everybody's heart john lennon's corpse revisited crypt oh billy childish i love you
the spits cha cha love s/t dirtnap pretty awesome. from seattle i believe
shonen knife twist barbie s/t giant
from monument to masses old robes the impossible leap in one hundred simple steps dim mak interesting use of samples ... more effective than all of those anti-bush comps that were coming out...
unwound valentine card fake train kill rock stars
spit boy what are little girls made of spitboy / los crudos split LP ebullition wow 1996. was it really that long ago?
lifetime hey catrine jersey's best dancers jade tree the circle will only be complete if i play policy of three next.
pinhead gunpowder losers of the year jump salty lookout the circle is broken
the slits typical girls cut island R
malaria duschen new york passage 12" cachalot german title translates to go shower
poly styrene big boy big toy gods & goddesses awesome not the poly of popular recognition.
stars what i'm trying to say set yourself on fire arts & crafts 3rd cd already? *
manic street preachers motown junk 12" heavenly i forgot about MSP... this kills
swell maps let's build a car collision time revisited restless i have a fist clenched and this song in my brain
doug gillard fate, say it again salamander big takeover ex-gbv 'natch. *
dead meadow let it all pass feathers matador *
destroyer new ways of living notorious lightning & other works merge former new pornographer daniel bejar's new thang. *
willie hightower if i had a hammer s/t capitol / honest jons *
refrigerator upstairs in your room upstairs in your room some fancy? *
henry flynnt (one track) purified by the fire locust *