risky business!!

with nick & westin

thomas cruise <3

Thursday, August 7, 2014
22:00 to 00:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
the depreciation guild a room, a canvas in her gentle jaws s/r here goes
the microphones moon the glow pt. 2 k fuzz
tomorrow tulips eternally teenage eternally teenage galaxia again
algernon cadwallader spit fountain fun s/r snowtubing
modern baseball tears over beers sports run for cover flubber fluuber
pity sex dogwalk dark world s/r sity pex
whirr junebouvier pipe dreams tee pee basement studying
basement covet colourmeinkindness run for cover *snap*
title fight head in the ceiling floral green anti- scoping
elvis depressedly pepsi/coke suicide holo pleasures bdsm scooping
waxahatchee be good american weekend don giovanni radhos guests
hop along trouble found me get disowned s/r chapsticking
paul baribeau boys like me paul baribeau plan-it-x rifting
the books smells like content lost and safe tomlab floating
casiotone for the painfully lonely hot boyz (w/ dear nora) advance base battery life tomlab tout
a great big pile of leaves alligator bop have you seen my prefontal cortex s/r butterfly fishing butterfly fishing
lil b california boy california boy basedworld based god!
billy bragg levy stubbs' tears talking with taxmen about poetry go! discs chopping
the multiple cat the hill pt 1 the return of the multiple cat s/r thatching
dirty projectors stillness is the move bitte orca domino eating spaghetti and/or popping balloons
devendra banhart won't you come over mala nonesuch floating down a river
twin shadow run my heart confess terrible flip flop
pill friends prayers blessed suffering s/r k
orange juice rip it up rip it up polydor beep boop
radiator hospital are you feeling me? something wild s/r crashed
jeff the brotherhood mellow out we are the champions infinity cat chubbin
pixies la la love you doolittle 4ad shake yer butt
ariel pink's haunted graffiti fright night before today 4ad sleuthing
ganger upye hammock style domino chipping away
chairlift amanaemonesin ameanaemonesin kanine boppin around / water bedding
animal collective summertime clothes summertime clothes domino masquerading