risky business!!

with nick & westin

thomas cruise <3

Thursday, June 19, 2014
22:00 to 00:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments Request
nymb fives on the whisky so, this is how it is suburban sprawl music hi everyone
pavement zurich is stained slanted and enchanted matador bizzbam
casper and the cookies krotenwanderung the optimist's club happy happy birthday to me zoom!
yo la tango last days of disco and then nothing turned itself inside out matador i am asleep on an island listening to this song
coco blackout! the coco sound olympia HEY SARA I LOVE YOU
oranger stoney curtis in reverse the quietvibrationtland FANATIC BOYA
catholic girls boys can cry s/t renaissance nick proves this song title's posit
the chesterfield kings ive gotta way with girls 7' mirror eithy four
blondie hangin on the telephone parallel lines Capitol blondie ooh
sweet trip darkness you will never know why darla 'this is a good song' - westin
pixies greens and blues indie cindy pixiesmusic good ol' pixies
belle & sebastian if she wants me dear catastrophe waitress Rough Trade yeah
the beach boys don't worry baby shut down vol 2 capitol bungaroo
fruit bats seaweed mouthfuls perishable WE'RE MAKIN A CALIFORNIA ROLL. first, some seaweed
jah9 avacado new name rorystonelove avacado!
women black rice s/t jagjaguwar some (white) rice
bad cop, bad cop cuccumber boss lady s/r CUCUMBER!
weebl's stuff crabs hands over pastry s/r crabs. done! eat. here's some chopsticks
elliott smith punch and judy either/or Kill Rock Stars <3 elliott
bobby hebb sunny sunny phillips mmm
grits the roots organix def jam jimmy fallon requested this one
all dogs buddy all dogs - ep s/r billary clinton
steve martin king tut a wild and crazy guy live herbert hoover vacuum
radiohead lucky ok computer capitol
rise against i dont want to be here anymore i dont want to be here anymore geffen
maxwell get to know ya now columbia
potty mouth sleep talk potty mouth old flame
sugar plant the rain run run reighndeer score tuesday's!!!o]-ojp
tender trap firewerks dansette dansette fortuna 0oo0o0o0 R
yes and you and i live in japan yagamasaki FLYING R
the clean aho getaway merge bye bye everyone, love you