with Jon Solomon

Wednesday, February 23, 2005
19:00 to 22:00
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The RubThe Death Of PopBikini GospelThe theme song you know and love.

Concert Calendar time.
Primitive CalculatorsI Can TellS/T1979 live recordings from this ace Australian post-punk band.*
Dan FrielGreenlightsSunburnHe of Parts and Labor "fame."
Bryan McCannVince Lombardi Service AreaLose Weight While DrivingThe location of my car's untimely breakdown this past Saturday morning.
IsisBacklitPanopticonThe Bitch Magnet of metal.*
Green MambaBusiku BwanduumaZambia RoadsideMusic from Southern Province.C
EnvelopeLie Detector45
Bear ClawChameleonAnd The SunReminds me of Tar, which is good.*
Zipgun4th PrizeBaltimore
Altyrone Deno BrownAnother DayEccentric Soul: The Bandit LabelSung by a seven year old.*C
The Wolverton BrothersMood SwingsSucking Hind Tit
FractureBabblingS/TPastacore meets Jokecore, fantastically.
Okkervil RiverFor RealFor Real (There's Nothing Quite Like The Blinding Light)A preview of their forthcoming third full-length.*
Bronx River ParkwayQienes Haverlo (Antes Que Hacerlo)Up From The Vaults Vol. 1Funk.C
The Factory Incident4amRed TapeRelatively new DC band with John Schroeder (Stabb) of Government Issue on vocals.*
Shy ChildLive on
The SultansShut Up And Sit DownShipwreckedJohn Reis represent.
Gang Gang DanceTrack 7Revival Of The ShittiestCdr version of a vinyl-only collection.*
Kill YourselfComputron 2000Soft Touch Of ManShellac copycats.
The Magic Carpathians/Cerberus ShoalContinuumedThe Life And Times Of...Hippies join forces.
Scritti Politti28/8/78EarlyProper rerelease of some of this band's first recordings.*
Tony AllenRoad Close (Dance Dub)Africa FunkExactly what it says it is.C
The RaincoatsOoh Ooh La LaMovingGood request.R
LowDeath Of A SalesmanThe Great DestroyerLive next week on this radio show.*
The FallGreen Eyed LocomanThe Real New Fall LpR
ThreatsPacivityDemos and RaritiesRecorded in 1979.
UnsaneConcrete BedSingles '89 - '92From a Glitterhouse 45. Thuuuud.
Rob SonicSniper PicnicTelicatessen*
John & JoyaI'll Be LonelyMoonlight GrooverRocksteady.C
Treiops TreyfidUte I SolenFeelings Of UnrealityEx-Pitchblende.*
16 Bitch Pile-UpLive At BLD 03/25/04Come here, SandySplit Lp with Sword Heaven.*