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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
Arthur Askey It's Spring Again The Best of Arthur Askey: The Bee Song
Stephen Merritt In the Spring, When I Was Young Showtunes Nonesuch 2006
Tom Lehrer Poisoning Pigeons In The Park Song & More Songs
Annette Hanshaw My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now My Inspiration Is You
The Ladybug Transistor Rushes Of Pure Spring Beverley Atonale Merge 1997
Archer Prewitt Raise On High White Sky Carrot Top Records 1999
Lambchop The Lone Official Awcmon Merge 2004
Donovan Sun Wear Your Love Like Heaven Epic 1967; The album was the first of two individually-named albums that constituted a double-album, Donovan's first, called "A Gift From a Flower to a Garden"
The Smiths Stretch Out and Wait The World Won't Listen Rough Trade 1987; collection of B-sides & singles
Red House Painters Michael Down Colorful Hill 4AD 1992
The Clientele Reflections After Jane Suburban Light Pointy 2000
Donovan Ferris Wheel Sunshine Superman Epic 1966
The Association Everything That Touches You Birthday Warner 1968
Make A Rising Transmutation Infinite Ellipse And Head With Open Fontanel High Two / Aumfidelity 2008; Philly
XTC Easter Theatre Apple Venus Volume 1 Cooking Vinyl 1999
Of Montreal Peacock Parasols Coquelicot Asleep In The Poppies: A Variety Of Whimsical Verse Kindercore 2001
Hidden Cameras Skin & Leather Age EvilEvil 2014 *
Polica Chain My Name Shulasmith Mom + Pop 2014 *
Cheap Dinosaurs Mantelet Triangle Trash 2014; Philly! epic chiptunes from ex-members of Chromelodeon *
SaxRuins Warrido Blimguass Skin Graft 2014; Tatsuyo Yoshida (AKA: Ruins) with guest Ryuichi Yoshida on baritone sax, reworking some old Ruins tunes & some new ones.SO DAMN GOOD *
Mas Ysa Why Worth EP downtown 2014 *
Man Man Born Tight On Oni Pond Anti- 2014 * R
Parquet Courts You've Got Me Wonderin' Now Tally All the Things That You Broke What's Your Rupture? 2014: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. *
together Pangea Badillac Badillac Harvest Records 2014 GOOOOOD *
Atlantic Thrills Problems Atlantic Thrills Almost Ready 2014 *
Hospitality I Miss Your Bones Trouble Merge 2014 *