night landing

with michael

Friday, December 20, 2013
01:00 to 03:00

other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comments Comp
No Statik The Owl Unity And Fragmentation Iron Lung 2013
Lotus Fucker The Meaning Of Alchemy/A New Path Is Opened Split 7" w/ The Wankys Katorga Works/SPHC
Apartment 213 I'm The Reason Why (Hail To The Unibomber!) Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things 7" Desperate Attempt
Tragedy Confessions Of A Suicide Advocate Tragedy self-released
Faith It's Time Split w/ Void Dischord
In Disgust I Can't Forget Reality Choke 16OH
Omegas Ain't Got None N.Y. Terminator 7" Painkiller
California Love Filthy Steeds Can't Waste Death self-released
Weekend Nachos Mocked Punish And Destroy Cowabunga
Hatred Surge Human Overdose Human Overdose Iron Lung 2013
Infest Them Mankind Draw Blank
Never Healed Untitled I 7" Painkiller
Condominium Eating The Universe 7" Sub Pop 2013
Sickoids Funeral No Home Grave Mistake Philly 2013
Discharge Fight Back Fight Back 7" Havoc
Coke Bust Fumigation Fuck Bar Culture 7" Third Party
Iron Lung Heirs To The Prize White Glove Test Iron Lung 2013
Suicidal Tendencies Memories Of Tomorrow Suicidal Tendencies Frontier
Die Kreuzen Uncontrolled Passion October File Touch And Go
Pulling Teeth Paranoid Delusions Paranoid Delusions/Paradise Illusions a389
Pleasure Industry Settlers Pleasure Industry self-released Brooklyn 2013
Lack Of Interest Forgotten Youth Never Back Down Deep Six
Deep Shit Creep Or Get Crept On Creepin' While You Sleepin' 7" Give Praise
CREEM Lucid CREEM Katorga Works
Motorhead Speedfreak Iron Fist Mercury
Masskontroll Genocide Warpath 7" Havoc
Converge Hope Street You Fail Me Deathwish
Nails Tyrant Abandon All Life Southern Lord 2013
Sex Vid Nests/Exorcism Nests 7" Dom America
Larm Hippies Short Fast & Loud Six Weeks C
The Endless Blockade Irrationalism Liberalles Primitive 20 Buck Spin
Nazi Dust Static Art Wretched Hour Vinyl Rites
Shank My Love Letter To The World Coded Messages In Slowed Down Songs Deep Six
Disassociate Army Of Losers Murder The Mind 7" Splifford
Poison Idea A.A. Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes TKO
Orchid Black Hills Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow! Ebullition
Mammoth Grinder Moral Crux Underworlds 20 Buck Spin 2013
Extortion Ramirez Degenerate Deep Six
Big Boys Brickwall The Fat Elvis Touch And Go Originally appeared on the "Lullabies Help The Brain Grow" LP
Soft Dov In Praise/Great Migration Rabid Sensuality self-released New Brunswick 2013
Culo Bad Head Life Is Vile...And So Are We Deranged Originally appeared on the "Nuke Abuse" 7"
Pollution D-IX n.s. DRUGS 7" Desensitized
Mind Eraser Crushing In My Dreams Split 7" w/ Slang 540