The Sprawl

with Mickey

Episode 122

Wednesday, December 11, 2013
00:00 to 03:00
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mf doomcinquefoilspecial herbs vol. 4metal face/nature sounds2003 C
aya nishinas.s.s.floratzadik2013 jen shyu, voice
windhandferal bonessomarelapse2013
vasaelethblack curse upheldall uproarious darkness epprofound lore2013
talking headspaperfear of musicsire1979
the allman brothers bandyou don't love me (live)at fillmore eastcapricorn1971
jim hall'round midnight (live)live!horizon1975 thanks jim
the commandshey it's loveeccentric soul: the dynamic labelnumero group1966/2013 C
gene williamsdon't let your love fade awayeccentric soul: the forte labelnumero group1970/2013 C
doc & salcry & wonder whyeccentric soul: the dynamic labelnumero group1968/2013 C
the fabulous rhythm makersmini, mini afro twisteccentric soul: the forte labelnumero group1968/2013 C
bobby blackmon & the soul expressshe's gotta have souleccentric soul: the dynamic labelnumero group1968/2013 C
marva w. taylori've lived the lifeeccentric soul: the forte labelnumero group1975/2013 C
omar souleymanmawal jamar/yagbuniwenu wenuribbon2013 rizan sa'id, keyboard insanity
bitchin bajastranscendencebitchitronicsdrag city2013
yusef lateefsunsethush 'n' thunderatlantic Records1973
dead in the dirtskull binding/mask/cop/no chain/will is the warthe blind holesouthern lord 2013
mohamed bergamzine mlih (sublime beauty)kassidat: raw 45s from moroccodust to digital196?/2013 C
baudouin de jaersanjo I, movements 1-4compositions for geomungo and gayageumsubrosa2013 lee jung-a, geomungo; hong yoo, daegum
master hagiwararokudan-no-shirabe (music of six steps)the koto music of japannonesuch1965
seu and his neighborniu tui qinethnic minority music of southern chinasublime frequencies2011/2013 C
iordanis tsomidis and groupkasaposerbiko me taxim (sailor's dance with improvisation)bouzoukee: the music of greecenonesuch196?
john zorn1001 nights in marrakechdreamachines: music for gysin and burroughstzadik2013
portalorbmorphia/oblottenvexovoidprofound lore2013