Modernity Leave

with Sophia

Wednesday, December 4, 2013
22:00 to 00:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
u.s. girls overtime free advice column ep last gang SIMON SHOGRY CO-HOST *
william onyeabor let's fall in love who is william onyeabor luaka bop *
st christopher all of a tremble air balloon road sarah
la luz sure as spring it's alive hardly art *
shayne carter and peter jeffries randolph's going home v/a: xpressway pile-up xpressway pile-up
pink reason motherfucker cleaning the mirror siltbreeze
blank dogs night night under and under in the red
tv ghost dread park disconnect in the red *
sara lee lead the fine; white pipes s/t ride the snake *
sean nicholas savage other life other life arbutus
maethelvin looking for love 7'' valerie collective
naturally paula lover boy black acura arbutus
minitel rose gallery piece 7'' valerie collective
WALSH helicopter does not exist smoke weed about it
bob james westchester lady 7'' cti R
alien sex fiend i walk the line single lyntone R
teen daze brooklyn sunburn 7'' (no label)
les rallizes denudes wake waking high or die (no label)
klaus wunderlich gummi-mambo; girl from ipanema wersi time 2 wersi
co-mix irrwitz 7'' intoleranz
bene gesserit moki-toki oka-owa postcards from arrakis ding dong
soft metals when i look into your eyes lenses captured tracks
da dark rooms 7'' autumn r.i.p