night landing

with michael

Friday, November 15, 2013
04:00 to 06:00

other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comments Comp
Gas Rag In The Streets Demo 7" Even Worse 2013
Pissed Jeans Health Plan Honeys Sub Pop 2013
Condominium Show Them 7" Sub Pop 2013
Iceage Coalition You're Nothing Matador 2013
Puffy Areolas Gentleman's Grip Gentleman's Grip 7" Hozac
Integrity Hollow Humanity Is The Devil Victory
Gas Rag Abort Them/Hebron Human Rights 7" Even Worse 2013
Punch Done Nothing Lasts 7" 625 Thrashcore
Iron Lung Reductive Living White Glove Test Iron Lung 2013
Rational Animals Cross Eyed Delights 7" Katorga Works
His Hero Is Gone Abandoned Fifteen Counts Of Arson Prank
Rorschach Laryngitis Needlepack 7" Wardance NJ '91
Lamps Hawaiian Voters Under The Water Under The Ground In The Red
The Fix Cos The Elite At The Speed Of Twisted Thought... Touch And Go Originally appeared on the Jan's Room 7"
Pfisters Princess Bride Narcicity Fan Death
Trash Steamroller Gate New World Of Sound
Siege Conform Drop Dead Deep Six
Capitalist Casualties Drainage Ditch Split w/ Hellnation Sound Pollution/Six Weeks
Welcome The Plague Year Going Peacefully Welcome The Plague Year Electric Human Project
Dreamdecay / N V N V N V Iron Lung 2013
Inservibles Una Vida De Tristeza Una Vida De Tristeza 7" Shogun
Minor Threat Salad Days 7" Dischord
Man Is The Bastard Feed The Octopus Split w/ Capitalist Casualties Six Weeks
Slices Forever Cruising/Hurt On The Job Still Cruising Iron Lung
Citizen's Arrest C.D.R.F. Colossus Wardance
Fucked Up Dangerous Fumes 7" Deranged
Minutemen Joe McCarthy's Ghost Paranoid Time SST
Bikini Kill Jigsaw Youth Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Kill Rock Stars
Wiccans Telepathy Field II Katorga Works
Nails Pariah Abandon All Life Southern Lord 2013
Black Flag Can't Decide/I Love You 1983 Demos (bootleg)
Uniform Choice Screaming For Change Screaming For Change Wishingwell
NASA Space Universe Come On Eileen Bung On My Face Across The Wounded Galaxies Shogun
Cryptic Slaughter Set Your Own Pace Money Talks Death
Running For Cover Producer Of Grain Dark Well 625 Thrashcore
Bad Brains Regulator New York Thrash ROIR C
Sacrilege Star Wars Thoughts Are But Dreams Till Their Effects Are Tried Wardance From the Don Fury demo
Phoenix Bodies The War On Entropy Raise The Bullshit Flag Slave Union
Gasp Can't Seam A Mongrel Bly/Silk Orbita/Eyes The Tentacle And Arachnid Knew Drome Triler Of Puzzle Zoo People Slap A Ham
Dead Language Paranoia Dead Language Iron Lung
Extreme Noise Terror Only In It For The Music Part 2 The Peel Sessions '87-'90 Strange Fruit