The Sprawl

with Mickey

Episode 116: Thanks Ronald and Lou

Wednesday, October 30, 2013
03:00 to 06:00
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mf doomblood rootspecial herbs vol. 4metal face/nature sounds2003 C
rais haj omar wahrouchaksaid wili moudanine (ask our brothers the immigrants)kassidat: raw 45s from moroccodust to digital196?/2013 C
ronald shannon jacksondecodingdecode yourselfisland1985
lou reedconey island babyconey island babyrca victor1976
the velvet undergroundrock and rollloadedcotillion1970 one of my absolute favorite songs
wolf eyeschatter leadno answer: lower floorsde stijl2013
lou reedkill your sonssally can't dancerca victor1974
quasiheadshrinkermole citykill rock stars2013 rites of black shadowsanti-cosmic tyrannyprofound lore2013
king crimsonone more red nightmareredisland/atlantic1974
skeletonwitchbeneath dead leavesserpents unleashedprosthetic2013
ronald shannon jackoncircus of civilized foolspulseoao/celluloid1984 drum sola
lou reedwaves of fearthe blue maskrca victor1982
the flaming lipsthe terrorthe terrorwarner bros./lovely sorts of death2013
chris watsonsumor (summer)in st. cuthbert's time: the sounds of lindisfarne and the gospelstouch2013
pink floydechoesmeddleharvest1971 two vinyl copies (one u.k., one u.s.) playing simultaneously
abyssalelegy of ruin/the headless serpent/a sheath of deceitnovit enim dominus qui sunt eiusprofound lore2013
h.k. gruberfrankenstein!! (a "pandamonium" for "chansonnier" & orchestra based on the children's rhymes of h.c. artmann.amadeo1985 happy halloween
ronald shannon jacksonwhen souls speakmandanceantilles1982 thanks ronald
lou reedreal good time togetherstreet hasslearista1978 thanks lou
.....background music tonightprovided bylou reed'smetal machine music