The Sprawl

with Mickey

Episode 116: Thanks Ronald and Lou

Wednesday, October 30, 2013
03:00 to 06:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments Comp
mf doom blood root special herbs vol. 4 metal face/nature sounds 2003 C
rais haj omar wahrouch aksaid wili moudanine (ask our brothers the immigrants) kassidat: raw 45s from morocco dust to digital 196?/2013 C
ronald shannon jackson decoding decode yourself island 1985
lou reed coney island baby coney island baby rca victor 1976
the velvet underground rock and roll loaded cotillion 1970 one of my absolute favorite songs
wolf eyes chatter lead no answer: lower floors de stijl 2013
lou reed kill your sons sally can't dance rca victor 1974
quasi headshrinker mole city kill rock stars 2013
a.m.s.g. black rites of black shadows anti-cosmic tyranny profound lore 2013
king crimson one more red nightmare red island/atlantic 1974
skeletonwitch beneath dead leaves serpents unleashed prosthetic 2013
ronald shannon jackon circus of civilized fools pulse oao/celluloid 1984 drum sola
lou reed waves of fear the blue mask rca victor 1982
the flaming lips the terror the terror warner bros./lovely sorts of death 2013
chris watson sumor (summer) in st. cuthbert's time: the sounds of lindisfarne and the gospels touch 2013
pink floyd echoes meddle harvest 1971 two vinyl copies (one u.k., one u.s.) playing simultaneously
abyssal elegy of ruin/the headless serpent/a sheath of deceit novit enim dominus qui sunt eius profound lore 2013
h.k. gruber frankenstein!! (a "pandamonium" for "chansonnier" & orchestra based on the children's rhymes of h.c. artmann . amadeo 1985 happy halloween
ronald shannon jackson when souls speak mandance antilles 1982 thanks ronald
lou reed real good time together street hassle arista 1978 thanks lou
..... background music tonight provided by lou reed's metal machine music