Record Canteen

with Joan Denver

Thursday, October 10, 2013
01:00 to 03:00
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Artist Song Album Label New
New Bomb Turks Radiobeat Switchblade Tongues, Butterknife Brains Gearhead
The Virus Take Control Still Fighting for a Future Charged
Bad Brains Sailin' On Self Titled Roir
The Unseen Give in to Hate The Anger and the Truth BYO
The Degenerics Generation Generica Deadalive
A Global Threat Conformity What the frack will change Punkcore
Casualties Stay out of Order Underground Army Punkcore
High Tension Wires A__ will send you a message Send a message Dirtnap Records
Victims Dance with you baby Real with child Golden Disc
Homeless Wonders Punk Rocker Fantasy Something's Wrong with Mary One Legged Pup
Apocalypse Hoboken Pop Sensibilities Date Rape Nation Johanns Face
The Boils World Poison World Poison Thorp
The Krays Messed up Legions A Time for Action TKO
Mind Spiders You are dead Meltdown Dirtnap
Savages Shut up Silence Yourself Matador
Screaming Females Bell Power Move Don Giovanni
The Gits Another Shot of Whiskey Frenchin the Bully Broken Records
Thee Minks Girl on the Go Are you ready now Steel Cage
Dead End Lane Memories Domestically Dead Self Released
The Nobodys Doing it for the kids Generation XXX Hopeless
Pinhead Gundpowder Cabot Girl Shoot the Moon Adeline
TV Tramps Keep your mouth shut Self Titled Self Released
Flatliners Rebellion on Wheels Safe Side Suicide A.D.D.
The Vacancies Get Love Gutpunch Smog Veil
The Forgotten Smash it Open ...Ask no questions Knockout
Rat Face Chaos Never Dies Dead Rats Blood *
Discharge You Take Part in Creating the System Decontrol: The Singles Castle Us
Snitches get Stiches Koala Stars I liked you better when you were a corpse Empty
Abject Try Again Try Again Self Released
Unabombers On the go On the go Self Released
Dead Ending Dead Ending Dead Ending II Alternative Tentacles
The Sniffs Zombie Society Self Titled Disco Lite *
Wax Idols Sound of a Void Descipline Desire Slumberland
No Age I won't be your generator An Object Sub Pop
Alleged Bricks No More Place your blame Street Anthem
Pinhead Circus Raise 'em up and toss 'em back The Black Power of Romance BYO
Homeowners End of the Line Second Strike Self Released
Dead End Boys I Don't Like You Drinkin in the streets Self Released
Thick as Thieves I won't give up Honor among thieves Self Released
Dynamite Fishermen Gung Ho! Awkward Conversations Self Released
Diarrhea Planet Lite Dream I'm rich beyond your wildest dreams Infinity Cat *