Record Canteen

with Joan Denver

Tuesday, September 3, 2013
18:00 to 20:00
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Artist Song Album Label New Request Comp
TV Tramps No Ransom Self Titled Self Released *
High Tension Wires People I Know Send a Message Dirtnap Records
The Krays Drone Sangra
The Clash Remote Control Self Titled
The Buzzcocks Friends of Mine Time's Up Mute
Dead Kennedys Jock O Rama Frankenchrist
Liquor Store Pumpin with Red Rock Yeah Buddy Almost Ready
Snitches Get Stiches Ninja Please I Liked you better when you were a corpse Empty
Be My Doppelganger Disapointers The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore C
Thee Minks 151 Girl Are you ready now? Steel Cage
The Sniffs Zombie Society Self Titled *
Mission of Burma 1, 2, 3 Party The Sound The Speed the Light Matador Records
Soul Craft Eyes Six Weeks Omnibus Vol 2 Six Weeks
Guitar Wolf Kawasaki ZII750 Rock N Roll Planet of the Wolves Matador Records
The Damned I Fall Sessions of the Damned Strange Fruit
Spider Bags Out of my Head, into my bed Singles Church Key
Victims Victims Theme Real Wild Child Golden Disc
7 Seconds Walk Together Rock Together Walk Together Rock Together Positive Force R
Hunx and HIs Punx Rat Bag Street Punk Hardly Art *
The Retards I Won't Make It Not "loved" enough Empty
New Bomb Turks Veronica Lake At Ropes End Epitaph
The Nomads You Won't Break my Heart Solna Career *
The Homeowners Intentions Self Titled
Dead Ending All Your Satellites are falling Self Titled Alternative Tentacles
Diarrhea Planet Lite Dream I'm rich beyond your wildest dreams Infinity Cat
Ratface Chaos Never Dies Bleak Futures *
Anti Nowhere League For You (Live) Anthology R
Pedaljets Riverview Self Titled *
FIDLAR No Waves (clean) Self Titled Mom+Pop
Metric Lost Kitten Synthetica
Destruction Unit I Don't Need You Self Titled Empty
Hausu Bleak Total Hardly Art *
The Network Supermodel Robots Money Money 2020 Adeline
The Cravats Triplex Zone The Cravats in Toytown
Man or Astro Man Defcon 5 Defcon 5...4...3...2...1
The Vacancies Saturday Saints Gut Punch Smog Veil
Reagan Youth Miss Teen America a collection of pop classics New Red Archives
Urinals Teach me to Crawl what is real and what is not
The Proles Soft Ground Thought Crime
Dag Nasty 100 Punks Minority of One
Titus Andronicus No Future Part III The Monitor
The Melvins Station to Station Everybody Loves Sausages Ipecac Records
The Kinks Johnny Thunder The Kinks are the Village Green Preservation Society Reprise
Patrik Fitzgerald Safety Pin Stuck in my Heart The very Best of Patrik Fitzgerald
The Evens All These Governors The Evens Dischord
Billy Bragg Which Side are you on? The Peel Sessions Strange Fruit
Verve All in the Mind All in the Mind R
Constant Mongrel Hoarding Heavy Breathing Siltbreeze *
Algebra Suicide True Romance at the World's Fair Feminine Squared Dark Entries *
Wild Rice Big Idea High rocks Self Released *
Nate Young When Nothing Works Regression-Blinding Confusion *
Wolf Eyes Imagine Yourself as Me Self Titled Bulb
Smersh Judy Mach 7 Cassette Pets
Isis Ghost Key Temporal Ipecac *
So Many White Tigers We Shoot Arrows Self Titled Weird Forest