Jazz w/ Dan Buskirk

with Dan Buskirk

Tuesday, January 27, 2004
22:30 to 01:00

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
Annette Funicello (and The Afterbeats) Pineapple Princess 7" single Buena Vista Annette Rules, Okay?
Momus His Majesty The Baby Ping Pong Le Grand Magistery 1997 R
The Notwist Neon Golden (Console Remix) Different Cars And Trains Domino 2004 *
Bugskull Fair Are The Sails Bugskull & The Big White Cloud Scratch 2002
Pop-O-Pies Truckin' The White E.P. 415 Records Glassboro College Graduate
National Lampoon The Mel Brewer Show Goodbye Pop Epic Bill Murray & Christopher Guest
Barnacled Damp 7" White Denim from Allentown PA *
I Am Spoonbender Replaced By Toys Sender/Receiver GSL 1998
Jonzun Crew Space Cowboy 12 21 records/Polydor 1983
Shuggie Otis Oxford Gray Here Comes Shuggie Otis Raven Comp. compiles HERE COMES/FREEDOM FLIGHT album *
Electrelane Birds The Power Out Too Pure 2004
Feelies Slipping (Into Something) The Good Earth Coyote 1986
Diamanda Galas My World is Empty Without You Le Serpenta Canta Mute 2003 *
Pelt Road To Catawba Pearls From The River VHF 2003
Led Zeppelin Swan Song (Inst) Trampled Underfoot Shady Pig
Black Flag My War My War SST request for the guys plowing the roads R
Kid 606 Parenthood Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You Ipecac 2003 *
Suicide Fast Money Music Suicide (their second album) Antilles 1980 R
Ben Vaughn Supermarkets Are To Blame The Prehistoric Ben Vaughn Munster 2001
Streetwalkin' Cheetahs All I Want Maximum Overdrive Alive 2003 *
Credibility Gap A Date With Danger A Great Gift Idea Sierra Briar 1973; w/ Michael McKean, David Lander & Harry Shearer
Air Mike Mills Talkie Walkie astralwerks 2004
Ratatat Seventeen Years 12" Audio Dregs 2003
Maurice & The Cliches Soft Core C'est La Vie RMS 1983
Guided By Voices Exit Flagger Human Amusements Matador *
Blithe Sons Patio Of The Cypresses Green Mansions Jewelled Antler 2004
Magic Carpathians Plecy Utopii Ksiega Utopii Obuh 2000