The All-Ages Show snow special

with paddy

music that;'s not just for grownup, a storytime and a giveaway

Saturday, January 22, 2005
12:30 to 14:00
there's no business like snow business

other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comments Comp
MFLP singers Birthday All You Need Is Love MFLP Eddap has surprised me by playing special birthday songs to start today's show, but...
Peter and Ellen Allard A Happy Birthday to You Good Kid s/r
Beatbox Bears Happy Birthday Blasting Off Toon Jams
Jonathan Richman Make a Mistake for Me Today Jonathan RIchman Rounder ... It's Not my birthday!!! That's OK, though. The thought was nice
Pam and Greta I just hate to make a mistake Friendship Stew A Gentle Wind
Rick Scott Tatatatami RIck Around the Clock s/r
Trout Fishing in America My Best Day In America s/r
Jessica Harper Crazy Machine Rhythm in My Shoes Rounder
Graham Clarke If I Live to Be 100 Cinnamon s/r
Johnny the K Costume Party Party in the Park s/r
Cathy Block The Party That's What Kids Do s/r
Mary Kaye Mouse Jamboree Mouse Jamboree s/r CD giveaway: congrats to Andrew from Asbury Park!
Mr Woodhead Party in the Animal Party in the Animal Barn s/r
Paddytales storytime Roland the Minstrel Pig Wililam Steig read on air
Ivy Sing For the Kids Nettwerk America C
Susan Salidor Vocal warmup Little Voices in My Head s/r
Al Simmons Don't Make Me Sing Along The Continuing Misadventures of... Casablanca
Rick Scott I Don't Wanna Sing Philharmonic Fool s/r
MFLP Singers If You Want to Sing Out Circle Game MFLP
Paddytales Singers Roland the Minstrel Pig song Off Key and Proud Proud and off key