night landing

with michael

Wednesday, July 31, 2013
22:00 to 01:00

other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comments Request Comp
Nails Tyrant/Absolute Control Abandon All Life Southern Lord 2013
Trouble Victim Of The Insane Psalm 9 FRW
Fuck On The Beach Something I Don't Want To Know Endless Summer Slap A Ham
Adrenalin O.D. New Year's Eve New York Thrash ROIR C
Sex Vid Exorcism Nests 7" Dom America
Godflesh Bigot Selfless Earache
Bastard Noise Skulldozer Skulldozer Deep Six
California Love Self-Imposed Can't Waste Death Self-Released
Darkthrone Lesser Men The Underground Resistance Peaceville 2013
Exhumed Through Cadaver Eyes All Guts, No Glory Relapse
Incantation Impending Diabolical Conquest Diabolical Conquest Relapse
Magic Circle Scream Evil Magic Circle Armageddon Shop 2013
Motorhead White Line Fever Motorhead Attic
Quiet Riot Metal Health Metal Health Pasha
Slayer Dittohead Divine Intervention American
Tygers Of Pan Tang Minotaur/Hellbound Spellbound MCA
Altered Boys Ask A Punk 7" Katorga Works New Brunswick 2012
Cannibal Corpse Living Dissection Butchered At Birth Metal Blade
Nuclear Assault Stranded In Hell Game Over Combat
Parlamentarisk Sodomi De Anarkistiske An(n)aler (excerpts) De Anarkistiske An(n)aler Rotting Chapel
Bone Sickness Strange Obsession Alone In The Grave 20 Buck Spin 2013
Cryptic Slaughter Money Talks Money Talks Death
The Endless Blockade Deuteronomy The Red List Deep Six
Gasp Modern Fuel Plan/Fluttering Gnome-lette Suite Drome Triler Of Puzzle Zoo People Slap A Ham
Judas Priest Rock Forever Hell Bent For Leather Columbia
Napalm Death Deceiver/Lucid Fairytale/In Extremis The Peel Session Strange Fruit
Pollution White Gas nasty.DNA Feast Of Tentacles
Slices Red Raft Cruising Iron Lung
Thou Bonnet Carre The Archer And The Owle Robotic Empire
Nails Wide Open Wound Abandon All Life Southern Lord 2013
Magic Circle The Magic Circle/Cloven In Two Magic Circle Armageddon Shop 2013
Melvins Hot Leg Eggnog Boner R
Bastard Slick Plot Controlled In The Frame 7" 540
Hummingbird Of Death Ordinary Hard-Working Law-Abiding Homophobes Split 10" w/ Chainsaw To The Face Cowabunga
Gorefest Gorefest Mindloss Foundation
Suffocation Torn Into Enthrallment Pierced From Within Roadrunner
Abattoir Screams From The Grave Vicious Attack Combat
Astaroth Track 3 Satanic Abuse CD-R Self-Released New Brunswick 2011
Capitalist Casualties Murder Media Split 12" w/ Man Is The Bastard Six Weeks
Dead Language Short Straw/Ignorance Dead Language Iron Lung