risky business!!

with nick & westin

thomas cruise <3

Wednesday, July 24, 2013
15:00 to 17:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
jesus and mary chain far gone and out honey's dead blanco y negro hello every one! thanks for reading this!
the breeders do you like me? safari ep elektra awh yes
baskerville the pages of lisa s/t secret crush tampa!
the type henrey viii twice rough trade enjoyable-ish
belle & sebastian im a cuckoo dear catastrophe waitress rough trade tweepop
bevis fround splendid isolation miasma rubic kewl
unrest isabel imperial teen beat TEEN BEAT!!!
stick insect who knows who circular scratch teen beat TEEN BEAT!!!
bossanova french accent hey, sugar teen beat TEEN BEAT!!!
brilliant colors value lines again and again slumberland san fran-=-=-=-=
new bad things john has a crush freewheel candy-ass cute.
times new viking not high dig yourself siltbreeze times new roman hah
caP'n Jazz toke on me analphabeta.... jade tree aha cover! awesome!
nymb fives on the whiskey so, this is how it is suburban sprawl sschewweeeett! females!
no .2 never felt better no memory chainsaw PORTLANDDDDDD
bunny brains for you i'd kill sin gulls menlo connecticut!
gorillaz plastic beach plastic beach virgin PART 1
starfucker pop song s/t batman PART 2
natalie portman'[s shaved head me & yr daughter glistening pleasure team swan PART 3
ttc paris paris 3615 big dada PART 4 -FIN-
radiator hospital dead as dreams some distant moon s/r YESYEYSYEYSYYSYEWYS!!!11! *
the rondells the fox shined nickels and loose change k AWY YUS
hot pursuit tobin gets a bonus the thrill dept teen beat TEEN BEAT!!!
the stapler the cavalry lasers metaphysical haircut columbus ohio!
new sweet breath b liner supersound speedway ringing ear alright
poo poodles bananas here comes the future the quiet life perfect.
the fountaine toups who told you s/t teen beat TEAN BEAT!!
the rosebuds kicks in the school yard make out merge powerpop
the beach boys im waiting for the day pet sounds reprise AW YEUS
the pastels come dance slow summits domino LOVE YOU PASTELS
apples in stereo man you gotta get up electric projects for musicians yep roc cool!
rogue wave college nightingale floors vagrant good enuf
the strokes is this is is this it? bmg luv u strokes