Record Canteen

with Joan Denver

Tuesday, July 23, 2013
18:00 to 20:00
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Artist Song Album Label New Request Comp
Kill Me Tomorrow Ghost Rider Skin's Getting Weird
Mahjongg Wipe Out Kontpab
Wax Idols Dethrone Discipline and Desire *
Obnox Rock n Roll Babylon A Ragin in the Sun Anyway *
The Bouncing Souls These are the quotes from our favorite 80s movies The Good the Bad and the argyle
Sex Pistols Anarchy in the UK Never Mind the Bollocks
Patrik Fitzgerald All my Friends are Dead The Best of Patrik Fitzgerald
The Buzzcocks Everybody's Happy Nowadays Singles Going Steady
The Thermals Faces will Stay with me Desperate Ground *
Flogging Molly Swagger Drunken Lullabies
The Pedaljets Riverview Self titled *
eater Thinking of the USA God Save the Queen Vol 2
Richard Hell and the Voidoids Blank Generation Blank Generation
Mekons I'm So Happy Punk Rock
Sham 69 If the Kids are United If the Kids are United: the best of Sham 69
MC5 The Human Being Lawnmower The Big Bang! Best of MC5
Hausu Chrysanthemum Total *
Blondie X Offender Self titled
The Networks Transitions Gone Wild Money Money
Johnny Thunders Born to Lose L.A.M.F
The Clash London's Burning Self titled
Hunx and His Punx I'm coming back Street punk *
GBH Race Against Time Leather, Bristles, Studs and Acne
Adam Ant Antmusic Kings of the Wild Frontier
Green River PCC Dry As Bone R
The Adicts Chinese Take away Sound of Music
Light Heat Dance the Cosmos Light Self titled *
The Germs Lexicon Devil MIA: The Complete Germs
The Damned Help Riot Riot Upstart
Broncho I Don't Really Want to be Social Can't get past the lips *
Agnostic Front My Life Riot Riot Upstart
The Gits It All Dies Anyways Frenching the Bully
Dirty Pretty Things Deadwood Waterloo to Anywhere
The Hollowpoints Pow Dirtnap Across America C
The Ramones Teenage Lobotomy Rocket to Russia
Mission of Burma Good Cheer The Sound the Speed the Light
Unnatural Helpers Over You Land Grab
Spectrals Sob Story Sob Story *