Music With Space

with Michael Hunter

Music for the space between your left and right ears

Saturday, July 20, 2013
00:00 to 03:00
Electronic, Drone, Ambient & Avant-Garde
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Artist Song Album Label
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AKLO Nyarlathhotep Beyond Madness AKLO.NET
Graham Getty Part I The Lattice Retrochet Records
Codex Giga 31 Codex Giga 31-37 Unreleased
Cloudland Canyon Bright Beijing Requiems Der Natur Tee Pee Records
Mike Wall Keepers ofthe Earth A Time for Healing Open Ear Studios
The Ministry of Inside Things Interlock Live, September 16, 1998 Synkronos Music
Chang Park AGNOSIA Persistance WSR TRAX
Nurse With Wound Space Music Space Music Beta-Lactam
Alluste Loneliness Earth Cold Gate Self Release
Pan-American Raised Wall The River Made No Sound Kranky
Sensory++ Decoding a Masterplan Boundaries of Infinity self-released
Oval Kardio V Szenariodisk Thrill Jockey
Paul Ellis The Wind-Uo Synthesizer of the Glass Reich Silent Conversation Groove Unlimited
Red Shift A Midnight Clear Ether Champagne Lake Productions
Robert Scott Thompson Drone Chroma 2 - Azure Frozen Light Aucourant Records