night landing

with michael

Wednesday, July 3, 2013
22:00 to 01:00

other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comments
Hatred Surge Four Walls Human Overdose Iron Lung 2013
Unholy Two Razor 7" 12XU 2012
Abscess Filth Chamber Tormented Deathvomit
Government Warning Maniacs Arrested 7" Grave Mistake
Metalux & John Wiese Track 1 Exoteric Load
Axeman Kosmic Death Arrive Darkest Heavy
Odz Manouk Mechanics Of A Nightmare Odz Manouk Profound Lore
Possessed Burning In Hell Seven Churches Century Media
His Hero Is Gone Marry & Reproduce The Dead Of Night In Eight Movements 7" Prank
Diaboli Frozen Soul Anthems Of Sorrow Full Moon
Exodus Bonded By Blood Bonded By Blood Combat
Weak Minds Operational Shields/Breast Physics Weak Minds 7" Torture Garden Picture Company
Ash Borer Rest, You Are The Lightning Ash Borer Profound Lore
Lou Reed Part 4 (excerpt) Metal Machine Music RCA
Noothgrush Extraction Failing Early, Failing Often Emetic
Man Is The Bastard Jupiter's Autumn Our Earth's Blood Pt. 2 King Of The Monsters
Tukaaria Giver Of Oblivion Raw To The Rapine Profound Lore
Discharge Drunk With Power Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing Clay
Inservibles El Miedo Te Desgarra Una Vida De Tristeza 7" Shogun 2012
Disma Chasm Of Oceanus Towards The Megalith Profound Lore
Tankard Traitor Chemical Invasion Combat
Rorschach Ugly (For Your Home Taping Convenience)/Skin Culture Needlepack 7" Wardance New Jersey '91
Monstrosity Dream Messiah Millennium Conquest
Metallica For Whom The Bell Tolls Ride The Lightning Elektra
Citizen's Arrest Suffer Now Colossus Wardance
SFN Nervous Laughter Demo 7" 625 Thrashcore
Assuck Blindspot Blindspot Sound Pollution
Hatred Surge God Complex Human Overdose Iron Lung 2013
Sepultura War Morbid Visions Roadrunner
Masskontroll Minds Are Diseased Warpath 7" Havoc
Morbid Angel Pain Divide Covenant Giant
Kreator Death Is Your Saviour Pleasure To Kill Noise
Shank Stink Of Exist Split 7" with Minute Manifesto Enslaved
Emperor The Burning Shadows Of Silence In The Nightside Eclipse Century Black
Bolt Thrower Intro...Unleashed (Upon Mankind) War Master Earache
D.O.C. Floater Split 7" with Mind As Prison Blastkat
Sabbat Satanasword Karmagmassacre R.I.P.
Pulling Teeth Unsatisfied Paranoid Delusions, Paradise Illusions A389/Deathwish
Sissy Spacek TV Bra/Senso/Destructo Contretemps 7" PPM 2012
Bathory Pace 'Till Death Blood Fire Death Black Mark
Disembowelment Excoriate Transcendence Into The Peripheral Relapse
Never Healed Untitled II 7" Painkiller
Thorr's Hammer Mellom Galgene (live) Dommedagsnatt Southern Lord