Mixtape Maker / Heart Breaker

with Julia Factorial

Sunday, January 16, 2005
15:00 to 17:00

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
the ramones chainsaw ramones sire
the ramones california sun leave home warner/rhino because sometimes just one ramones song won't give you yr fix...
thee headcoatees ca plane pour moi punk girls sympathy FTRI
purple wizard i'm not angry 7' show & tell records matty puts out the best records, FIRST. www.showandtellrecords.com check him out. *
bratmobile queenie pottymouth kill rock stars THEEE most kick ass album. one of my top 10 of all time.
lunachicks babysitters on acid babysitters on acid blast first hey 1990
no trend w/ lydia lunch your love heart of darkness widowspeak 1985, so right on.
the lyres what a girl can't do early years, 1979-1988 live crypt
the drags i like to die 45 x 3 empty i keep coming back to this cd, and specifically this song... it's so damn rock.
crucial youth we're an american band 7' faith from new jersey circa june 1991.
pixletan that's the way i like it get up / say what cd single dfa normally i don't support the coke rock clique, i make exceptions every now and then to see what they are up to. club music for oversexed, undereducated, bored middle class art school dropouts who still live off of mom and dad's cashflow. but hey, it's got a good beat.
dead kennedys viva las vegas fresh fruit for rotting vegetables alternative tentacles R
crass shaved women best before crass records renewed favorites of mine.
diplo big lost florida big dada from philly, half of hollertronix. *
king crimson three of a perfect pair three of a perfect pair warner bros.
negativland the perfect cut (rooty poops) helter stupid see land *
die monitr batss white shock girls of war troubleman unlimited *
cap'n jazz ooh do i love you analphabetapolothology jade tree
nerve generator open my eyes s/t the records that love you back unfortunately, not the nazz song of the same name. sigh.... *
jawbreaker shield your eyes world's in shreds vol 2 shredder so crewcial.
david bowie heroes/helden orig sndtrk from christiane f. rca with additional german vocals. thanks to randall for hipping me to this movie.
nick cave & the bad seeds let the bells ring abattoir blues/lyre of orpheus mute i'm so loving this. *
daniel johnston like a monkey in the zoo discovered covered gammon *
lee hazlewood my baby cried all night long these boots are made for walkin' / the complete mgm recordings ace
curri tuck co. the march of the people who do not know you ghost man on first lexicon devil kevin barker of aden
neko case blacklisted the tigers have spoken anti live album, nice mix of origs and covers... backed by the sadies and jim/jennie & pinetops and more... *
nikki sudden & last bandits fall any further treasure island secretly canadian *
the leaving trains the worst amplified pillows
captain beefheart here i am, i always am legendary a & m recording sessions A & M
tommy jame s& the shondelles i'll go crazy hanky panky roulette
the replacements bastards of young tim sire
bad brains stay close to me omega sessions victory
beat happening the this many boyfriends club jamboree k while your ears are bleeding, i'm still breathing