with Jon Solomon

Best of Live 2004 show.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005
19:00 to 22:00
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The RubThe Death Of PopBikini GospelThe theme song you know and love.

Concert Calendar time.
Jukebox ZerosStatic, StaticLive on WPRB
Cynthia G. MasonFits & Starts/Subtle ThingsLive on WPRB
Sonic Liberation FrontInitLive on WPRB
Trouble EverydayCamden/Days And NightsLive on WPRB
ElectrelaneI Want To Be The PresidentLive on WPRB
Bloc Party???Live on WPRB
Artanker ConvoyOpen Up/CharmsLive on WPRB
She-HawI Want You To Love MeLive on WPRB
The NotekillersThe ZipperLive on WPRB
Alkali FlatsNo Cylinders Are FiringLive on WPRB
Hail SocialStart/StopLive on WPRB
The Little KillersVolumeLive on WPRB
Crooked FingersYou Can Never Leave/Sleep All SummerLive on WPRB
DalekEver SomberLive on WPRB
The Capitol YearsRamonaLive on WPRB
The SympathizersOur Meterologist, Tom VerlaineLive on WPRB
Beretta76LuckyLive on WPRB
Thee MinksLust For YouLive on WPRB
The A-SidesGoing GoneLive on WPRB
The PerfectionistsPlease Remove Me From Your Longterm Plans/Compsition B In BlueLive on WPRB
Matt Pond PAKCLive on WPRB
CordaleneGhostLive on WPRB
The TeethOh, Bessie!Live on WPRB
AssrockersThorLive on WPRB
Dragon CityShy To Lay AboutLive on WPRB
Los HalosMy Heard As An ArrowLive on WPRB
Like Moving InsectsA Withdrawl From Your Brain Savings AccountLive on WPRB
Death PoolLip Tied & Tongue GuiltLive on WPRB