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The OE/Monkey Robot Show

Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
James Brown Blues & Pants Hot Pants there are not one, but two songs on this album concerning hot pants
Residents Amber The Commercial Album East Side Digital
Ruins Graviyaunosch Symphonica Tzadik with accompanying operatic female vocals
Ron Geesin Psychedelia A Raise of the Eyebrows See For Miles Records
Minutemen Fake Contest What Makes A Man Start Fires? thunderspiels
Residents Perfect Love The Commercial Album East Side Digital
Residents Picnic Boy The Commercial Album East Side Digital
Nina Hagen Cosma Shiva NunSexMonkRock Columbia
Liliput When the Cat's Away When the Cat's Away 7" Rough Trade
Ernie (Jim Henson) Ernie Dusts the Shelf Ernie's Hits CRA
Talking Heads Wild Wild Life 7" Wild Wild Life 7" Sire
Eldridge Holmes Pop Popcorn Children The Get It! C
Norma & The Heartaches Hot Pants Sound of Philadelphia Soul Jazz * C
Kool Blues I'm Gonna Keep On Loving You Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label * C
The Majestic Arrows One More Time Around Eccentric Soul: The Bandit Label Numero Group * C
The Jam Pop Art Poem Sound Affects
Die Goldenen Zitroenen She Doesn't Know WHere It Is Punk Rock Jetset
Modern Lovers Girlfriend Modern Lovers G-I-R-L-FREN
The Teeth Chop the Tree Carry the Wood Philly represent! I like them. *
Pavement Silence Kit Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain (Disc 1: Back to the Gold Soundz (Phantom Power Parables)) Matador reissued all over the place with two discs and plenty of outtakes *
Bright Eyes I Woke Up With a Song In My Head This Morning 10 Song Sampler Saddle Creek *
Iron & Wine Communion Cups & Someone's Coat Passing Afternoon EP Sub Pop *
Donovan Teen Angel Troubadour
Carla Bley Funny Birdsong (to Swallow) Tropic Appetites Watt Works
ACO Lang Japan For Sale Vol.4 Tofu Records/Sony * C
Julie Doiron Snow Falls In November Goodnight Nobody Jajaguwuar *
Carla Bley Enormous Tots Tropic Appetites Watt Works (to People's Music Works) "they don't bite, they chew"
Gentle Giant Free Hand Free Hand Capitol I can't believe I'm playing this! It's wonderfully dorky and very bouncy though
Jacob Druckman Animus I Electronic Music III Turnabout Vox C
Efterklang Foetus Tripper [fragment, mixed with Jacob Druckman] Leaf Label sim. to Sigur Ros * R
Mapstation featuring Ras Donovan Be True Tempo Techtik Teamwork Staubgold electronic with reggae vocals, from label comp., from the people who, in conjunction w/ Klangbad, brought us the Dalek vs. Faust release * C
The Fall Dream of the Casino Soul Hip Priest & Kamerads
Die Monitr Bats Black Out Cross Die Monitr Bats/Matmos Split 7" Ache from the Divorce Series 2 *
The A-Frames Complications Cholera, Emphysema, Ricketts & Nurses 7" s-s *
The Gizmos Intensified Rock N' Roll Don't Come From New York Gulcher *
Guitar Wolf 3 AM Noodle Shop Rock N' Roll Etiquette Narnack *
Bad Brains I Against I I Against I SST 1986
Matmos On And On Die Monitr Bats/Matmos Split 7" Ache from the Divorce Series 2