The Clothesline

with Wilbo

Wednesday, January 30, 2013
13:00 to 15:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
Spanky and Our Gang Leopard Skin Phones Without Rhyme or Reason Mercury Butch Morris! Butch Morris!
Butch Morris Long Goodbye Homeing Sound Aspects Rec. 1987
Wayne Horvitz/Butch Morris/William Parker Psalm Some Order, Long Understood Black Saint Rec. 1982
David Murray Black February Shakill's Warrior DIW/Columbia Butch Morris Composition
David Murray Blues Somewhere Shakill's ll DIW/Disk Union Butch Morris Composition
David Murray Big Band Paul Gonsalves David Murray Big Band Conducted by Lawrence "Butch" Morris DIW/Columbia
Billy Bang Conception Outline No. 12 Celluloid/OAO Butch Morris Conducting
Myra Melford The Death of Danny Love The October Revolution Evidence Butch Morris Composition
Curlew Knee Songs 2 North America Moers Music Butch Morris Cornet
Wayne Horvitz/Butch Morris/Bobby Previte Three Strickes Nine Below Zero Sound Aspects Butch Morris, Multi Instruments