Her Jazz

with Maria T

subby sub sub sub

Wednesday, December 29, 2004
13:00 to 15:00
playing the good musics
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
dirty three i knew it would come to this horse stories touch & go
black taj woek up tired bandwidth WXYC http://www.wxyc.org/bandwidth/ * C
feminine complex dont want another man livin' love teenbeat C
hefner christian girls boxing hefner too pure singles / rarities / etc collection. C
fiery furnaces quay cur blueberry boat rough trade one of my favorites from 2004!
nawal el zoghby habibi dialy rough guide to mediterranean cafe music rough guides * C

this is the part where i talk to you.
cocorosie good friday la maison du mon reve touch & go
sonic youth stones sonic nurse dgc
miss tk & the revenge your show xoxo gern blandsten *
casual dots ill dry my tears s/t dischord etta james cover
april march olive green dictonary lessons of april march ideal collection of ms. march's greatest hits, released in 1998. R C
electrelane birds the power out too pure
archers of loaf harnessed in slums vee vee alias

aside from songs that were clearly old, everything in this set was from some of my favorite records of 2004. confusing explanation, huh?
helium ill get you, i mean it pirate prude matador R
the kinks shangri-la arthur reprise
richard hell im your man time matador
the prefects going through the motions amateur wankers acute *
minutemen jesus & tequila double nickels on the dime sst R

so many things to say, so little time.
the poison arrows we take s/t ep file-13 *
pinback syracuse summer in abbadon touch & go *
volcano suns sea cruise 7" homestead i love this 7"! and im happy someone requested it. R
dismemberment plan superpowers change desoto hi tony! R

thats a wrap, folks
the nein handout s/t ep sonic unyon playing 2/24 at swatmore college -- go see 'em! *