Not Truth, But Effect -- BEST OF 2012 Part 1!!!!!

with KPC

featuring the weekly Warped Moment at 9pm

Tuesday, January 1, 2013
18:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
UFOMammut Aureum (excerpt) ORO: Opus Primum Neurot #103.3
Shrag On the spines of old cathedrals Canines Where It's At Is Where You Are/Fortuna Pop! #103
Crystal Shipsss Burning kingdom Yay (10" ep) Three Ring/Raw Onion #102...solid green vinyl
Rocket Juice & The Moon, feat. Erykah Badu Hey, shooter Rocket Juice & The Moon Honest Jon's #101
Ketamines Spaced out Spaced out Southpaw/Mammoth Cave Recording Co. #100...clear blue vinyl
Lindstrom Six cups of rebel Six cups of rebel Smalltown Supersound #99
Yohuna It's all yours Revery (7" ep) Art Fag #98
Father Finger Separation anxiety Father finger (cassette ep) Not Not Fun #97
English Singles Grey skies USA Backstreet pages (7" ep) Slumberland #96
Lilacs & Champagne Nice man Lilacs & Champagne Mexican Summer #95
Useless Eaters Addicted to the blade "Addicted to the blade"/"Starvation blues #2" (7" single) Tic Tac Totally #94
Black Dice The Jacker Mr. Impossible Ribbon Music #93
Air Cosmic trip Le Voyage dans le lune Astralwerks #92
Menomena Plumage Moms Barsuk #91
Disappears Hibernation sickness Pre language Kranky #90
Resin Gypsy Sleepwalker Resin Gypsy self-released #89
Whore Paint Second shift Menarchy (7" ep) Anchor Brain #88
The 2 Bears Heart of The Congos Be strong Southern Fried/DFA #87
Skimask Fine China split 12" ep (w/Geffika) Sophomore Lounge #86
Echo Lake In dreams Wild peace Slumberland #85
Prinzhorn Dance School Your fire has gone out Clay class DFA #84
Girls Names A Troubled see split 7" (w/Weird Dreams) Slumberland/Tough Love #83...clear dark pink vinyl
Allah-Las Don't you forget it Allah-Las Innovative Leisure #82
The Entrance Band Fine flow Fine Flow (12" ep) Spiritual Pajamas #81
Wax Tailor From the dark Dusty rainbow from the darkr Lab'Oratoire #80
Wymond Miles Earth has doors, let them open Earth has doors (12" ep) Sacred Bones #79
Pop. 1280 Beg like a human The Horror Sacred Bones #78
Balaclavas Moon roof Second sight (1-sided 12" ep) Dull Knife #77....clear vinyl picture disc on 1 side
Wild Nothing Nocturne Nocturne Captured Tracks #76
Weird TV Intro-TKM Weird TV (12" ep) Perennial #75
Deerhoof We do parties Breakup song Polyvinyl #74
Mountain Cult Mailman Mountain Cult (7" ep) self-released #73
Yeasayer Blue paper Fragrant world Secretly Canadian #72
Sultan Bathery River raw "Fireworx" (7" ep) Slovenly #71
The Bevis Frond More to this than that The Leaving of London Woronzow #70
Vincas Red eyed Vincas Douchemaster #69
Cowbell Mississippi Beat stampede Damaged Goods #68
The Wrong Words I will change your mind "I will change your mind"/"How to keep a straight face" (7" single) Trouble In Mind #67...brown splash vinyl
The Soft Pack They say Strapped Mexican Summer #66
Thick Shakes Go back to New York Why buy the cow (7" ep) Aurora7 #65
The Soft Moon Machines Zeros Captured Tracks #64
Red Mass Television personalities "Television personalities"/"Kill it from the inside" (7" single) Mammoth Cave Recording Co. #63
It Hugs Back Grown old Laughing party Safe & Sound #62
Warm Soda Reaction "Reaction"/"In another world" (7" single) Southpaw #61...solid orange (soda) vinyl
Orbital, feat Lady Leshurr Wonky Wonky ACP Recordings #60
Holly Herndon Movement Movement RVNG #59
Battles Rolls Bayce (Hudson Mohawke remic) Dross glop Warp #58
Jens Lekman Every little hair knows your name I know what love isn't Secretly Canadian #57
Roommates Back to the sun "Winnifred" (7" ep) Slumberland #56
La Sera Drive on La Sera Sees the Light Hardly Art #55
Apache Dropout Carryin' fleas Bubblegum graveyard Trouble In Mind #54
ZZ Top I gotsta get paid La Futura American #53
The Resonars Sit right down "Long long thoughts" (7" ep) Trouble In Mind #52