The Clothesline

with Wilbo

Monday, December 27, 2004
11:00 to 14:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
Roswell Rudd Suh Blah Blah Buh Sibi Flexible Flyer Arista Freedom
George Lewis Blues Homage to Charles Parker Black Saint
Bulent Arel Electronic Tape Arel/Semegen Music For String Quartet and Tape, Etc.
Toshinori Kondo & Tristan Honsinger La Rapina Della Scala This, That, and The Other Basic
Hans Koller Out on the Rim VI Out on the Rim In & Out
Elliott Sharp & Zeena Parkins Statespace Psycho-Acoustic V icto
Vladimir Ussachevsky Computer Piece No.1 /Two Sketches for a Computer Piece Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center Tenth Anniversary Celebration CRI
Micro-East Collective Mumble the peg/Magnetic Hive Transmissions Fabric Umbrella
Heiner Goebbels/Alfred 23 Harth The Peking Opera/Peking Oper Live a Victoriaville Victo
Barton McLean Dimensions IV (for saxophone and tape) Extended Saxophone CRI Albert Regni, Saxophone
Gerry Hemingway Demon Chaser Demon Chaser Hat Art
Fast Forward Pomp and Circumstance Panhandling Lovely Music
David Moss That Tempest Five Voices Intakt
Ekkehard Ehlers & John Fruiscante Grisaisse 1 Tempo Technik Teamwork Staubgold
James Fei for bass clarinet Solo Works Leo
Klaus Schulze Wahnfried 1883 The essential Caroline
Exias-J Wall electric conception "avant garde" PSF