Arcana Musique

with Jeffrey Arico

music true to its art

Saturday, December 22, 2012
21:00 to 00:00
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V/AThe Transformation of Ani Pioneers Of Electronic MusicNew World Records Composer: Alice Shields (1970)
V/ATrilogyElectronic Kabuki MamboLocustComposer: David L. Talcott From 1957-59
Elaine Barkin To Whom It may Concern Five Collages Benjamin Boretz, Jill Borner, Charles Stein An Experiment In Reading Open Space 1992
Eliane RadiqueKyemaTrilogie de la MortXIcomposed during the years 1985-1988
Paul Lansky Table's ClearHomebrewBridge Records 1992
Hugh Le Caine Dripsody Demonstration (1958)Composition Demonstration 1946-1974JWD1958
Perry BotkinWomen Who Won't Give You The Time Of Day Combines BMI1992
Tod Dockstader Quatermass (1964)Quatermass StarklandTrack: 13 Second Song
Wendy Carlos Prelude and Fugue # 7 in E-Flat Major Switched on BachEast Side Digital
Kronos Quartet Obo Addy - Wawshishijay (Ga: "Our Beginning) Pieces of Africa Elektra
Berio, Luciano / Kashkashian, KimVoci/Sicilian Folk Music/Grido Del Venditore Di Pesce / Lamento per il Venerdi Santo VociECM