Mixtape Maker / Heart Breaker

with Julia Factorial

Sunday, December 26, 2004
15:00 to 17:00

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
the amps tipp city! tipp city single 4ad seriously haven't heard this song since i was a freshman in high school. which was, you know, like 9 years ago.
les hell on heels broke down love S/T bomp! *
angry samoans carson girls inside my brain pvc 1980, who could take these guys seriously??
the screws kill someone you hate hate filled classics in the red redd kross cover... other tracks cover the mad, frank zappa, etc.
the reivers brandy (you're a fine girl) 20 explosive dynamic super smash hit explosions pravda really ridiculous comp, so good i will have to play several cuts from it. i so dearly love the original version of this song, done by the looking glass. C
no empathy the night chicago died "" "" orginal by ... oh jesus, .... damnit, i can't remember. C
the teeth oh, bessie! carry the wood s/r from philadelphia *
eddie holland jamie hitsville usa motown C
neutral milk hotel track 6 from.... in the aeroplane over the sea merge R
the divine comedy your daddy's car liberation setanta
devendra banhart lagoon black babies (uk) young god
the clash koka kola london calling epic R
hold steady killer parties almost killed me french kiss R
add n to x invasion of poloroid people loud like nature mute dogville usa, we need help
LFTR PLLR secret santa cruz soft rock self starter found
rites of spring hains point s/t dischord or was it for want of? i can't remember
captain beefheart nowadays a woman's gotta hit a man i'm going to do what i wanna do rhino
bo diddley bo's bounce best of chess
mountain goats jenny all hail west texas emperor jones R
she haw ring your bells live on wprb wprb
neko case rated x the tigers have spoken anti/epitaph live album w/the sadies *
the hentchmen virginia dare form follows function times beach *
lemonheads second chance hate your friends taang! R
the blackouts dead man's curve history in reverse k *
the slugs hooked on a feeling 20 explosive dynamic super smash hit explosions! pravda back by popular request...people really want to hear this. R C
the gizmos the midwest can be allright rock n roll don't come from new york gulcher *
billy syndrome my career vicious burger 109 records
they might be giants we're the replacements miscellaneous t restless
barbara lewis sho nuff hello stranger solid smoke you found the sound!
jackie lee harlem shuffle the duck ???
david nzomo trio secrets sweet soul of kenya latitude *
luna speedbumps rendevous jetset *
st. etienne nothing can stop us now travel edition 1990-2005 sub pop *