night subbin'

with michael

Thursday, December 13, 2012
22:00 to 00:00

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Artist Song Album Label Comments Comp
charles ives an elegy to our forefather orchestral set no. 2 centaur
paradox paradox product of imagination roadrunnder
boris hama amplifier worship southern lord
capitalist casualties name dropper split w/ man is the bastard six weeks
coffins only corpse split w/ otesanek kreation
dead language they're still out there dead language iron lung
the endless blockade like partridges primitive 20 buck spin
folded shirt mouth clock tiny boat 7" fashionable idiots
hunchback pray for scars pray for scars don giovanni
liquor store manchild in paradise yeah buddy almost ready
monoshock tom guido philosophically stoogely walk to the fire s.s.
mount carmel lullabye real women siltbreeze 2012
pretty things cries from the midnight circus parachute harvest
the rolling stones gomper their satanic majesties request london
spacin' ego-go deep thuds richie 2012
ten years after gonna run watt deram
junior wells' chicago blues band we're ready hoodoo man blues delmark
d.o.c. floater split 7" with mind as prison blastcat
assuck anticapital anticapital sound pollution
integrity hollow humanity is the devil victory
skeletonwitch strangled by unseen hands breathing the fire prosthetic
autopsy fleshcrawl/torn from the womb mental funeral peaceville
broken hope swamped in gore swamped in gore emetic
extortion 4 outta 5 degenerate deep six
hatred surge out of balance deconstruct rescued from life
iron lung manufactured/care for the machine life. iron lung. death 625 thrashcore
noothgrush encasing failing early, failing often emetic C
pulling teeth ritual paranoid delusions paradise illusions deathwish inc.
running for cover the long dance/confinement dark well 625 thrashcore
wiese & koh driving into a wreck scrubby bubby helicopter
outlaw order illegal in 50 states legalize crime 7" deep six