The All-Ages Show

with Paddy and Eddap

where we play music that's not just for grownups

Saturday, December 1, 2012
12:00 to 13:30
tunes, a story, frolic and ...

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Moey's Music PartyGive Yourself a KissPrincess Revolutions/rEddap says that some listeners have asked him why we only have one story a week -- so this week we're going to tell many stories, through songs
Andrew QueenBig Trouble for Little RedToo Talls/r
Carolyn MarkThe Three Billy Goats GruffThe Bottle Let Me DownBloodshot C
Mary KayeThe Owl and the SeahorseI Sang It Just for Yous/r
Judy and DavidSole WomanLivin' in a Shoes/r
H. Lynn KitchensSimple SimonRockin' with the Gooses/r
Rhythm ChildSam the Lamb BluesEat a Bowl of Cherriess/r
Mike MennardLittle Jack HornerWhen Mother Goose Laid an Eggs/r
Dave Rudolf's Mother Goosed Queen of Hearts Club BandLittle Miss MuffetDave Rudolf's Mother Goosed Queen of Hearts Club Bands/r
PaddytalesGiants Farm (part II)Jane Yolenread on air
Peter AlsopBored, Bored, BoredWha'd'ya Wanna Do?s/r
Mr. MarkThe Boredom BluesGo Ape!s/r
Adam and the Couch PotatoesNever Gonna Be BoredOne Size Fits All . . .s/r
Uncle RockGettin' Big BluesPlays Well With Otherss/r
Treehouse 10Happy-Go-Lucky Go Merry-Go-RoundBug in a Puddles/r
Billy KellyThe Happy, Happy Whistling SongThe Family Gardens/r
Keller WilliamsMy Neighbor's is Happy AgainKidzs/r
The Singing KettleDown on the Funny FarmSingalong Songs from Scotlands/r