Scratchy Vinyl

with Tim

Good night Amanda Jane the phone company has cut us off....

Saturday, September 8, 2012
16:00 to 18:00
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ladyhawkesunday driveanxiety casablanca*
liquor storepumpin with red rock yeah buddy almost ready *
ccr with skullsblack angel food marketccr with skulls/hartcarpet bagger
the young livin free dub eggmatador*
heavy cream 79"super treatmentinfinity cat*
dickspurple hazekill from the heart alternative tenaticles*
hum starsyou'd prefer an astronaughtrcaR
evans the death sleeping songevans the death slumberland records*
cheap freaksnaked in the rain bury them all big neck *
the front bottomsmapsthe front bottomsbar none*
sam cookeshakeportrait of a legendabkco
small facesgreen circlesthe darling wapping wharf launderetteimmediate
thee oh seeshang a pictureputrefies 2 ep in the red*
mondo toplesstake it slowtake it slow get hip
teh conception corporationrock and roll classroom and other states of mind cotillion
gary owensgolden announcer schoolput your head on my fingerpride
earles and jensen party doctorjust farr laughsmatador
monkeeswar chantheadrhino
melody sheep bandcampmr rodgersmelody sheep
melodysheep bandcamp oasis/carpentersmelody sheep
william shatnerit hasn't happened yethas been shout factory
cheif georgelittle big man excerpt//
melody sheep band camp force yoda thing//
beautiful peopleget your mind together if the 60's were the 90'scastle
mystic moodstheres a good earth out tonightextensionsphillips
melody sheep bandcamp carl sagan //
andrew mackenzielove from abby roadmutation sacred cowboys
meody sheep bandcampmix- you are a part of nature//
six presidents speakcollagesix presidents speak columbia
mr presidentstufffrom fdr to rosseveltrca
the crazy peopleparade at the funny farm bedlam gear fab
mal sharpe and jim coylearmored attack the absurd imposters warner
mr presidentvarious speechesfrom fdr to rosseveltrca
bert ( of bert and ernie)doing the pidgin berts blockbusterschilderns television workshop?
ken nordineyour getting betterbest of word jazzdot
abbie hoffmanmalachy'swake up americabig toe
kurt vonnegutpeiceslaughter house fivecaedomon
alice cooperclonesflush the fashion warner
mike batt system 606zero zero epic
laurie anderson langue d amourmister heartbreakwarner
tiny tim tip toe through the tulipsgod bless tiny tim reprise
electric pruneskyrie eleison mass in f minorreprise
william shatnerthats me tryinghas been shout factory
bedlam head amusmentcrazy peoplegear fab
mondo toplesstake it slowtake it slowget hip
tangerine dream part one ricochet virgin