Scratchy Vinyl

with Tim

Featuring a gidget and the gories retrospective

Saturday, August 25, 2012
16:00 to 18:00
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sigur roseg andavaltariparlophone*
kishi bashiintro/pathos pathos151ajoyful noise*
autoluxsugarlessfuture perfectdmz
yppahnever mess with sunday eighty oneninja tune*
turing machineslave to the algorhtumwhat ius the meaning of whattemporary residence*
samara lubelskimerch girlswavelengthdestijl*
white hillsi write a thousand lettersfrying on this rock thrill jockey
evans the death wet blanket evans the death slumberland*
cheap freaksnaked in the rain bury them allbig neck *
the front bottomsmapsthe front bottomsbar none*
big troublesshe smiles for pictures romantic comedy slumberland
cavemana country king of dreamscoco beware magic man
bob newhartabe Lincoln vs madison ave the button down mindwarner bros
the watergate comedy hourwatergate comedy hourthe watergate comedy hourlittle david
Jonathan wintersthe american teenage voterwhistle stopping with jonathan wintersverve
washington is for the birds be forthright bobby kennedy/you dont have nixon to kick around anymore washington is for the birdsreprise
pat paulsen i will not run pat paulsen for presidentpat paulsen for president
gary owensdemocrat commercia/republican commercial put your head on my fingerpride
pat paulsen formal annoucementpat paulsen for president
ron ziegler meets the presswatergate comedy hourthe watergate comedy hourlittle david
johnathan winterstick bitterfordwhistlestoppingverve
orson wellsthe begatting of the presidentorson wellsmedarisR
sprio agneweffete snobsspriro agnewpodium
richard nixon checker speechnixon checkers speech /
attempted dr cosmoin a gadda da politicsattempted dr cosmos - wprb
negitivelandhow long have you been waiting for u2fair usedead dog records
the doors summer is almost gonewaiting for the sunelektra
lost cati hate college radiosingle 45extra small
james gangstop live in concertabc
grand funk into the sun live album capitol
free heartbreakerheartbreakerisland
best coastthe only placethe only placemexican summer*
the young livin freedub eggmatador*
man foreverur eternity pansophical coloractthrill jockey *