Blues, Bop and Cuckoo

with will constantine jr

Friday, August 17, 2012
11:00 to 13:00
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Pharoah SandersAfter the RainA Prayer Before DawnEvidenceReleased in 1993, recorded in 1987. Today's show features the recordings of Evidence Records.
Henri TexierIn the Land of EphesusColonel SkopjeEvidence1995 reissue of a 1988 date.
Sun Ra and his Myth Science ArkestraAiethopiaThe Nubians of PlutoniaEvidence1993 reissue of this late 1950's recordings from the Saturn label.
Sun Ra 1) A Foggy Day (2) Daddy's Gonna Tell You No Lie (3) Big City Blues (4) The Blue SetThe SinglesEvidence1996
Billy Branch & the Sons of BluesSons of BluesWhere's My Money?EvidenceA 1995 reissue of 1984 material.
Sun Ra Kosmos in BlueArt Forms of Dimensions TomorrowEvidence1992 reissue of material recorded from 1961-62.
Sun Ra When Angels Speak of LoveWhen Angels Speak of LoveEvidenceA 2000 reissue of a 1966 Saturn release.
Taj MahalBo DiddleyHey Bo Diddley - A TributeEvidence2002 C
Sun Ra Blue DifferentialsMonorails and SatellitesEvidence1991 reissue of 1966 recordings.
Franklin KiermyerJohn's ModeKairosEvidenceReleased in 1996.
Eddie CusicGonna Cut You LooseLiving Country Blues: An AnthologyEvidenceA 1999 release.
Guitar FrankLonesome Road BluesLiving Country Blues: An AnthologyEvidenceA 1999 release.
Othar Turner and the Rising Star Fife and Drum BandGranny, Will Your Dog BiteLiving Country Blues: An AnthologyEvidenceA 1999 release.
Sun Ra and his Solar ArkestraThe Shadow WorldThe Magic CityEvidence1993 reissue of a 1965 recording.
Franklin Kiermyer Quartet featuring Pharoah SandersIf I Die Before I WakeSolomon's DaughterEvidenceReleased in 1994.
Akagi - Reid- TanaE.S.P.Sound CircleEvidence1995 reissue of a 1992 date issued on "King Records" from Japan.
Sun RaThe Mystery of TwoThe Great Lost Sun Ra Albums; Cymbals & Crystal SpearsEvidenceA 2000 release of material recorded for Impulse records in1973.
Jimmy Johnson (Buddy Guy and Junior Wells)So Many Roads, So Many TrainsLive in MontreuxEvidence1997 reissue of a 1977 release on the Black & Blue Label.
Ed Kelly & Pharoah SandersYou've Got To Have FreedomEd Kelly & Pharoah SandersEvidenceA 1993 reissue of material from 1978.