Scratchy Vinyl

with Tim

The line for the time machine starts here

Saturday, August 11, 2012
16:00 to 18:00
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sigur roseg andavaltariparlaphone*
yppahd song fteighty oneninja tune*
longwavelife is wrongsecrets are sinisteroriginal sound
kisho bashiintro pathos pathos 151ajoyful noise*
turing machineyeah cmonwhat is the meaning of whattemporary residence*
best coast the only placethe only placemexican summer*
cheap freakshitbury them allbig neck *
olivia tremor controldefine transparent dream dusk at cubist castlefly daddy recordsR
viva vocethe future will destroy you the future will destroy you vanguard*
evans the death sleeping /so longevans the death slumberland*
guantonimo baywatch chest crawl chest crawl dirtnap *
big troublesshe smiles for picturesromantic comedy slumberland
sam cookehaving a party portrait of legendabkeco
murry romantry this little joe-good news-join the navy-war films etc. you cant beat people and have them say i love you tetragrammation
gary owensvarious bitsput your head on my fingerpride
attempted Dr Cosmomoon landing-beethoven kronos quartet kennedy martin luther king Roosevelt churchill and a cast of thousands robert kennedy etcwprb wprb on cassette!!
ken nordineflibberty gibhow are thing in your town blue thumb
ten years afterhere they comea space in timecolumbia
attempted dr cosomo various bits apollo ,spooky tooth ,,ginsberg jefferson airplane wprb
cape kennedy if only i could be the first one on the moon /
jefferson airplanelathercrown of creationrca
the producersspringtime for hitlerthe producers/
the whoarmena city in the sky/mary annethe who sell outtrack
negitiveland?no businessfanatic
attempted dr cosmomartin luther king guess who ts elliot george c scott as patton wprb wprb
peta hadeni can see for milespetra haden bar none
negitivelandsnugglesfair useseeland