The Flushed Pumpernickel

with Lato

He'll be coming around the dial when he comes

Wednesday, December 8, 2004
13:30 to 15:00
Better tardy than fardy

other shows

Artist Song Album Label New Request
Taddei Chau Chau Para el Sur el Norte Esta Lejos Obligado
Totally Radd Dressed Up Shark Attack Day Camp Retard Discos *
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists Counting Down the Hours Shake the Sheets Lookout *
Gary Wilson Forgotten Lovers Forgotten Lovers Motel Recs R
The Nein Handout s/t Sonic Unyon *
Bossacucunova Vai Levando Uma Batida Differente Six Degrees
Typewriter Monkeys I Think I love Her Typewriter Monkeys Weeping Blister
Wilco Just a Kid Spongebob Squarepants movie soundtrack Sire
Interpol Take You on a Cruise Antics Matador R
Something About Vampires and SLuts Can't Be Wrong We Break Our Own Hearts VMS *
Frog Eyes The Akhian Press The Folded Palms Absolutely Kosher *
Frank Black Francis Where is My Mind Frank Black Francis spinART *
Lee Hazelwood Home Its Cause and Cure MGM R
Carla Bruni Le ciel Dans une Chambre Quelqu'un m'a dit Naive
Temptations Ball of COnfusion Hitsville USA disc 4 Motown
Hala Strana Dressed in Rushes These Villages soft abuse *
Young and Sexy Lose Control ...Life Through One Speaker Mint *
Silkworm Penalty Box It'll Be Cool Touch n Go *
Nerve Generator Ride Nerve Generator Sabre Reverb *