Not Truth, But Effect

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featuring the weekly Warped Moment at 9pm

Tuesday, July 3, 2012
20:00 to 22:00
other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
Eugene Chadbourne Rakeman Vermin of the blues Fundamental 1987...playing Thursday @ The Stone, NYC (Spy Music Festival)
Guided By Voices Girls of wild strawberries Half smiles of the decomposed Matador 2004...playing Friday @ The Trocadero Theater, Philly
The Men Lazarus Immaculada Deranged 2010...playing Friday @ Music Hall of Williamsburg, NYC (CBGB Festival)
Radio 4 Start a fire Gotham! Gern Blandsten 2002...playing Friday @ The Bells House, NYC (CBGB Festival)
Matthew Shipp The Root Equilibrium Thirsty Ear 2003...playing Friday @ The Stone, NYC (Spy Music Festival)
Trust Bulbform TRST Arts & Crafts 2012...playing Sunday @ Music Hall of Williamsburg, NYC *
Tyler Jon Tyler New England Street "New England Street"/"Faster Than Light" (7" single) Trouble In Mind 2011...playing Saturday @ Cake Shop, NYC
The Karl Hendricks Trio The Adult Section The Adult Section Comedy Minus One 2012
Pink Slip Daddy Kill me Antidisestablishmentarianism Apex 1990
The Babies Meet me in the city The Babies Shrimper 2011 R
David Bowie Helden "Heroes/Helden/Heros" (12" single) RCA 1977...Heroes in German R
Microdot Gnome To Andromeda 4d Sugarcubes Moonbus International Recordings 2010...another pseudonym of Gary from Screaming Trees
White Denim Bess St. D Downtown 2011
Au Pairs You Stepping out of line: the anthology Castle/Sanctuary (orig. 021) 1979/comp released 2006
The Luv'd Ones I'm leaving you If you're ready! The best of Dunwich Records... volume 2 Sundazed 60s C
Eddie Purrell The Spoiler The Complete Stax/Volt Singles, 1959-1968 Atlantic 1991 (comp. release date) C
Richard Hawley You haunt me "Leave your body behind you"/"You haunt me" (10" single) Parlophone 2012
Julia Holter Goddess eyes II Ekstasis RVNG 2012
Sultan Bathery Fireworx "Fireworx" (7" ep) Slovenly 2012
It Hugs Back No one should know Laughing party Safe & Sound 2012
The Paperhead Dear Mr. Vacant Focus on in...The Lookinglass Trouble In Mind 2010/2011 reissue...solid light green splash vinyl
White Hills Upon arrival H-p1 Thrill Jockey 2011
Grass Widow Goldilocks Zone Internal logic HLR 2012
OFF! Wiped out OFF! Vice 2012
CUFFS You can come true "Private view"/"You can come true" (7" single) Ride The Snake 2012
Pow Wows EIO (during the flood) Nightmare soda Get Hip 2012 *
Chicago Saturday in the park (warped) Chicago V Columbia 1972...Warped Moment (w/beats, etc courtesy of De la Soul (who sample this in the song "A Rollerskating jam called Saturdays"))
Lapalux Gutter gliltter When you're gone (12" ep) Brainfeeder 2012
Squarepusher The Metallurgist Ufabulum Warp 2012 *
Crystal Shipsss Burning kingdom Yay (10" ep) Three Ring/Raw onion 2012...solid light green vinyl
Turing Machine Lazy afternoon of the jaguar What is the meaning of what Temporary Residence 2012 *
The Young Don't hussle for love Dub egg Matador 2012 *
Dead Ending Ninety-nine Dead Ending (12" ep) Alternative Tentacles 2012 *
Cheap Freaks Caesar the deceiver Bury them all Big Neck 2012 *
Coffin Pricks Group home haircut "Group home haircut" (7" ep) Stationary (Heart) 2012 *
Radar Eyes In love Radar Eyes Hozac 2012 *
Unsane Metropolis Wreck Alternative Tentacles 2012 *
Rebecca Gates & The Consortium Suite sails The Float 12XU 2012 *
Jimi Hendrix The Star Spangled Banner/Purple Haze Woodstock Cotillion 1970...Happy 4th o'July! R