the worried waltz

with juliette brioche

Friday, June 29, 2012
21:00 to 23:00
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Artist Song Album Label Request
erik satie on music box . .
spike jones mairzy doats . .
? bahnfahrt sounds of new music folkways
lewis carroll/jonathan miller excerpts alice in wonderland .
john cage solo for voice 2 /solo piano . .
jerry colonna i hate music . .
louis & bebe barron main title forbidden planet .
anthony newley that noise very best of spectrum
frank zappa/mothers help, i'm a rock freak out! verve
the happiness boys up on the moonbeams fron cassavete's shadows .
bonzo dog band my brother makes the noises for the talkies dog ends emi
the hellers and now the news singers,talkers,players,swingers & doers command
terry riley poppy nogood excerpt ohm ellipsis arts R
andy kaufman pop goes the weasel . .
andy kaufman i trusted you . .
erik satie gymnopedie no.3 the art of the toy piano point
frank zappa take your clothes off when you dance the lost episodes ryko
brian eno third uncle taking tiger mountain by strategy editions eg
paul mccartney temporary secretary mccartney II mpl
flying lizards summertime blues flying lizards virgin
laurie anderson sharkey's day mister heartbreak warner brothers
the residents the simple song commercial album ralph
fred frith same old me cheap at half the price ralph
frank zappa massaggio galore jazz from hell barking pumpkin
gary sloan & clone harmonitalk harmonitalk b-music
holger hiller ohi ho bang bang . .
john cale hey ray . .
david lynch crazy clown time . .
momus core bibliotek american patchwork
andy kaufman i trusted you . .