Thursday, June 7, 2012
20:00 to 23:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
Robert Ashley the wolfman tape wolfman alga marghen request holdover from a subbed show a few weeks ago R
Black to Comm Thrones Music for the Film Earth by Ho Tzu Nyen De Stijl *
eternal tapestry & sun araw night gallery iv night gallery thrill jockey
san francisco water cooler the desert waits outside 11 sun sneeze records
no doctors the quarry s/t freedom from
matthew shipp trio elastic eye elastic aspects thirsty ear *
amm ailuntus glandulosa ammmusic 1966 rer
dark day flightless birds exterminating angel Dark Entries *
barr a cover beyond reinforced jewel case 5rc
dat politics bees're bees go pets go chicks on speed records
treasure mammal amethyst numerators/treasure mammal split 7" ?
Belong Different Heart Common Era Kranky
foreign cinema a palace of fine junk 7" vibraphone *
onalaska el raval to sign for nights dim mak
yung wu aspiration shore leave coyote
freakwater cricket versus ant ... is thinking of you thrill jockey
naked on the vague treading water heaps of nothing siltbreeze
Vocoder What Happens Now? Cuadro Sinoptico Dark Entries *
nocturnal emissions side 2 drowning in a sea of bliss touch
Jay Dee Runnin' Deelicious Delicious Vinyl Instr. of a song for The Pharcyde
Creation Rebel Space Movement Section 6 Historic Moments volume 2 On U Sound
brad mehldau trio kurt vibe ode nonesuch *
farid el atrache hebbina hebbina ...for ever voice of lebanon
sabalon glitz hammer of the witches ufonic trixie
don caballero the peter criss jazz american don touch and go
a minor forest no one likes an old baby so were they in some sort of fight? my pal god
woods creeps collage family creeps time lag
the brilliant corners jim's room creamy stuff revolver