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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
Jack Bruce Smiles And Grins Harmony Row Atco 1971
Laurie Spiegel Modal Pieces III. A Myth Obsolete Systems EMF 1983
Momus & Anne Laplantine Johnny Jump Up Summerisle Analog UK 2003
Mick Karn Land Dreams Of Reason Produce Monsters Virgin 1987; with David Sylvian
Silverbullit I Had To Tell You Who Will Buy These Wonderful Evils? Dolores C
Tim Buckley Grief In My Soul Tim Buckley Elektra 1966
David Bowie Come And Buy My Toys The Deram Anthology 1966 - 1968 Deram
Yoshito Yano & Akitaka Toyama Katamarythm Box The Complete Sounds Of Katamari
Sagittarius Musty Dusty Present Tense Sundazed 1968
XTC Chalkhills And Children Oranges & Lemons Virgin 1989
Raymond Scott The Toy Trumpet Reckless Nights And Turkish Twilights 1937
Wendy & Bonnie Children Laughing Genesis Sundazed/Skye Records 1969
Donovan The Tinker And The Crab A Gift From A Flower To A Garden Pye 1967
Langley Schools Music Project I'm Into Something Good Innocence & Despair Bar/None Herman's Hermits cover; recorded & released in EXTREMELY limited # in 1976; reissued by Bar/None in 2001
Jonathan Richman The World Is Showing Its Hand Not So Much To Be Loved As To Love Vapor Records 2004
Ski Lodge A Game Ski Lodge Dovecote *
Porcelain Raft Drifting In and Out Strange Weekend Secretly Canadian *
Particle Wave Worry Less Painting On Shadows * R
Mark David Ashworth & Muralismo A Matter of Scale Esopus #17: Fear Itself Esopus * C
Dirty Projectors + Bjork When the World Comes to an End Mount Wittenberg Orca Domino *
Wowser Bowser Water Story Wowser Bowser Adair Park *
Phantogram 16 Years Nightlife Barsuk *
Blue Lu Barker Don't You Make Me High Men Are Like Street Cars: Women Blues Singers 1928-1969 MCA C
Slapp Happy/Henry Cow Riding Tigers Desperate Straights RER 1975
André Popp Musique Méchanique Popp Musique
News From Babel Dragon At The Core Letters Home RER Vocals by Dagmar Krause, filmmaker Sally Potter (Orlando,) Robert Wyatt. My dream team.
Etron Fou Leloublan Plus Rien Face Aux Elements Deschaines Gazul / Musea 1985
Psapp Rear Moth Tiger, My Friend Leaf Label 2004
Momus Born To Be Adored [edit] The Little Red Songbook Le Grand Magistery
Peter Gabriel Moribund the Burgermeister Peter Gabriel (AKA Peter Gabriel 1, AKA: Car) Atco 1977
Julia Vorontsova Pushkin From St. Petersburg With Love Abaton Book Company 2004
Nat Baldwin Mask I Wear MVP Broken Sparrow Records 2008