Her Jazz

with Maria T

oh boy, those NJT trains

Saturday, November 27, 2004
15:00 to 17:00
top notch substitution rock
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
neu! fur immer neu! 2 astralwerks
x the new world more fun in the new world elektra
the constantines shine a light shine a light sub pop
the chills pink frost tuatara flying nun this early 80s comp is finally available on cd through FN - buy it! C
nation of ulysses atom bomb 7" dischord
crime rock and roll enemy #1 san franciscos doomed overground
native nod back to mimsey bread 7" gern blandsten
the raincoats shouting out loud odyshape rough trade from the moody, final raincoats album. i dont think ill ever decide which i like better - this or the first one. theyre both incredible.

woo! you get to hear me talk.
q and not u beautiful beats power dischord *
the supremes im gonna let my heart do the walking nicky sianos the gallery soul jazz *
lush outdoor miner for love ep 4AD a wire cover that i, for the longest time, mistook as a guided by voices song. it wasnt until '98 or '99 that i realized my error.
miss tk & the revenge dont call me xoxo gern blandsten ex-lifetime, gettin' all blondie on us. i like! *
helium in a little box why do you think they call it pop? pop narcotic one of those awesome helium songs no one knows about, except for her crazy stalkers. when oh when will helium material receive a nice reissue? C
tsunami loud is as loud does the hearts tremelo simple machines
red krayola another song another satan hazel drag city
the nein handout s/t ep sonic unyon a band from NC. ex-white octave / steel pole bathtub. *
polvo tragic carpet ride celebrate the new dark age ep merge
ride dreams burn down nowhere sire
rain parade talking in my sleep emergency third rail power trip enigma
the kinks johnny thunder are the village green preservation society reprise best ray davies insult i heard over the weekend was "sorry davies, we cant go back to ye olde merry england," which i think sums up his intents perfectly.
zumpano lets fight going through changes sub pop
modettes white mice the last stiff compilation... until the next one stiff C
dismemberment plan ice of boston ...is terrified desoto R