Fiery Finger Frenzy

with DJ Life Slave

and Fret Fury

Monday, March 19, 2012
23:00 to 02:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments Comp
boris blackout pink southern lord 2005
anthrax milk (ode to billy) attack of the killer b's megaforce/island 1991 C
sleep dragonaut sleep's holy mountain earache 1993
faith slowdown subject to change ep dischord 1983
deep purple fireball fireball warner bros. 1971
voivod thrashing rage rrroooaaarrr combat 1986
kiss strange ways hotter than hell casablanca 1974
ram defiant death metal balde 2012
riot hard lovin' man restless breed elektra 1982
polvo beggar's bowl in prism merge 2009
archgoat goddess of the abyss of graves heavenly vulva (christ's last rites) ep debemur morti 2011
rush i think i'm going bald caress of steel mercury 1975
church of misery megalomania (herbert mullin) master of brutality southern lord 2001
pissed jeans i've still got you (ice cream) hope for men sub pop 2007
husker du wheels everything falls apart reflex 1983
carnivore predator carnivore roadrunner 1985
scorpions another piece of meat lovedrive mercury 1979
christian mistress conviction possession relapse 2012
witch changing witch tee pee 2006
flower travellin' band kamikaze made in japan atlantic 1972
comets on fire holy teeth avatar sub pop 2006
mount carmel hear me now real women siltbreeze 2012
ufo rock bottom phenomenon chrysalis 1974
sepultura territory chaos a.d. roadrunner 1993
the jon spencer blues explosion identify now i got worry matador 1996
budgie in for the kill in for the kill mca 1974
mudhoney this gift mudhoney sub pop 1989
corrosion of conformity clean my wounds deliverance columbia 1994
the jesus lizard mouth breather goat touch & go 1991
queen stone cold crazy sheer heart attack elektra 1974
zz top just got paid rio grande mud london 1972
groundhogs cherry red split liberty 1971
acid witch live forever stoned hells headbangers 2011
darkthrone thulcandra frostland tapes peaceville 1989/2008 C
cathedral soul sacrifice forest of equilibrium earache 1991
tygers of pan tang minatour/hellbound spellbound mca 1981
metallica escape ride the lightning megaforce/elektra 1984
helmet sinatra strap it on amphetamine reptile 1990
probot w/ cronos centuries of sin probot southern lord/roswell 2004